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CMS On the Pulse episode #8: A legal overview on public procurement for the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector

Nick Beckett speaks with Virginie Dor (CMS Belgium), Bernt Elsner (CMS Austria) and Caroline Hobson (CMS UK).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the importance of public procurement in the Healthcare sector, representing approximately 10% of GDP in the E.U.
  • the challenges for public procurement in extreme and unforeseen emergencies, including COVID-19
  • the scrutiny of direct awards and potential legal challenges and sanctions
  • the joint centralised procurement of vaccines in short timeframes and the benefits and pitfalls of such approach
  • in what circumstances exclusivity, including due to IP rights or technical barriers, can justify derogation from public procurement procedures
  • what changes do U.K. companies face in public procurement procedures in the E.U., and vice versa, in light of Brexit

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Episode #8 - Public Procurement

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Virginie Dor
Virginie Dor
Head of the CMS Global Public Procurement Group
Bernt Elsner
Bernt Elsner

CMS Public Procurement Remedies Toolbox