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An­ti­cip­ate future challenges with expert commentary, insights and focused legal analysis

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CMS Law-Now delivers comprehensive legal commentary, analysis, online resources and email subscription service providing updates on the latest legal issues affecting clients business and helping to anticipate future challenges. 

The service provides legal insight covering 50+ jurisdictions, 80+ areas of law and 25+ sectors. 

Registration to the service is open to everyone and free of charge. Simply complete the online subscription form available here.

Subscribers can select the jurisdictions, sectors and legal areas of importance to your business and you will receive focused expert legal know-how from CMS lawyers, direct to your inbox.




Subscribers benefit from:

  • Real time eAlerts – receive updates on topics that are relevant to you
  • Flexible delivery – receive content when you want to read it as well as collate eAlerts and have them sent to you once a day or week
  • Never miss out – access favourite Law-Now pages on the go with mobile bookmarks
  • Extensive archive – research legal developments easily to save time and resources
  • Accessible information – all articles are written in simple language not legal jargon, allowing you to access information and get advice on key developments quickly
  • Multilingual – articles are available in English, German, French and Spanish

The Law-Now website includes over 20,000 legal articles and publications and access to all events hosted across CMS. Dedicated 'Zones' provide detailed and in-depth analysis on specialist topics such as RegZone which provides daily news and covers financial institutions regulation. 

You can watch a short promotional video explaining key benefits of the Law-Now service below.

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