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Our law firm supports the development of your start-up

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Turn your first steps into a successful future with CMS

You have a project, you are enthusiastic by the idea of launching it. You are aware that creating a structure can prove itself difficult. Your friends, your network has warned you that certain aspects need special attention.

Naturally, you ask yourself some legal, fiscal or employment questions surrounding the different phases of your start-up.


A first meeting, free of charge, to accompany you with the creation, fundraising and the exit of your project.
A team of 10 lawyers specialised in employment law, tax law and corporate law are at your disposal and are motivated to guide you and to render your project successful.


Preferential rates based on a tailored financial offer.


We provide you with the services of a leading corporate law firm thanks to our “one stop shop” approach. Furthermore, you can benefit from both our Belgian and international network.


Phase 1: Launching your start-up

  • Which subisidies are you entitled to when establishing your own company in Belgium?
  • Which legal procedures do you need to follow, and which documents need to be filled out?
  • How can you protect your intellectual property rights?
  • Have you considered all possible investment options (different types of security)?
  • How to avoid losing control and how to avoid dilution?
  • Do you wish to be the director of your company? If so, to which elements do you need to pay attention? 
  • Which aspects are essential to the recruitment of employees or independent workers?

We will help you with the following steps:

  • Incorporating the company (first articles of association, banking and financial partners, financial regulatory constraints in case of crowd funding, etc.)
  • Tax structuring
  • Data protection
  • Protection of intellectual property (Patents, branding, domain names, non-disclosure agreement, etc.) 
  • Employment/HR
  • Legal mentions


Phase 2: Negotiating with investors (fundraising)

  • How to protect your investment and avoid too much dilution?
  • CMS can second you in order to get the deal through.
  • Which obstacles are most recurrent in this matter and how can you overcome them?

Here are some important aspects to keep in the back of your mind during the second phase:

  • Financing (Love money – Business Angels – Subventions, convertible loans, share issues, shareholders' agreements, etc.) 
  • Tax issues (tax shelter, asset structuring, etc.)
  • Stock Option Plan 
  • Valuation of intellectual property (licensing agreements, etc.)
  • Commercial contracts (General terms and conditions, etc.)
  • Employment/HR


Phase 3 : Exit

  • Preparation of the Due Diligence process (establishing the data room index, data room providers, legal, social and tax audits of potential acquirers, Q&A process, etc.)
  • Corporate documentation
  • Structuring of the operation (legal, tax, and financial considerations)
  • Founders' exit conditions (negotiation of declarations and guarantees, etc.)
  • Organisation of the signing/closing

What can we offer you?

Having already advised many start-ups, we understand the risks you have to face. Our experts will guide you through the various issues you might encounter so that you can focus on what really matters: your business growth. Here are a few of the essential services that we will offer you when starting your business:


Our "Start-up Legal Package" contains all the basic legal documents to launch a company.


Our Investment Agreement provides the following in a single agreement:

  • the terms and conditions of the fundraising
  • the various securities to be issued
  • the payments and loans to be performed
  • investors’ obligations
  • relationships between shareholders
  • the strategy
  • management remuneration and incentives
  • the decision-making process and organisation of management
  • the organisation of the general assembly
  • ways out and exit.


The "IP Report" provides you with an overview of the situation and precautions to be taken regarding any of the essential assets of a start-up: the intellectual property rights.


We act as a “conciliator” in case of difficulties between shareholders.

Start-up Legal Package

Starting a business is a complicated process. To guide you through the multitude of documents that you need to prepare, we will provide you with a package containing everything you need.

  • How do you set up a company under Belgian law?
  • Invoicing general terms and conditions
  • Creating a Limited Liability Company/Public Limited Company (check-list)
  • Shareholders’ agreement (check-list)
  • Commercial agreements (check-list)
  • Employment agreement template
  • Service provision agreement template
  • Product sale agreement template
  • Share purchase agreement template
  • Sub-leasing agreement template
  • Cooperation agreement template
  • General Meeting minutes template
  • Management Board Meeting minutes template
  • Limited Liability Company voting power table


A team of lawyers dedicated to your start-up

We have a team of enthusiastic lawyers at our disposal dedicated to start-ups. These specialists are motivated by accompanying entrepreneurs. They are active in business incubators, entrepreneur associations, dedicated investment funds, etc. and at your service to help you in carrying out the choices that fulfil your ambitions.


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