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Insolvency & Restructuring

Whether you are a business executive or a buyer, you may be required to carry out a profound reorganization of your company or one of its entities to improve performance or to ensure its solvency. To ensure a successful outcome, it is key to take into account all the legal aspects from the outset, both related to the transaction and to the economic sector involved.

Working with our lawyers, you will benefit from experience gained over many years in various economic contexts and in all industry sectors. We can assist you particularly with regard to safety precautions in the event of liquidation, recovery, transfer, etc., obtaining ailing company status, with the conclusion of shareholder agreements or in the management of litigation related to these specific situations. When the situation requires a very specific expertise, such as employment or tax law, we will work in tandem with other CMS teams.

"At CMS, the 'extremely thorough' insolvency and restructuring department leverages its multi-disciplinary expertise – particularly in employment and insurance law – to assist clients with safety precautions following obtaining ailing company status, and with the management of any related litigation. Practice head Jean-François Goffin specialises in directors' and officers' liability issues, while Virginie Frémat has experience in distressed M&A and restructuring transactions."

Legal 500, 2021

"I would recommend the team strongly for the following reasons: they are real experts, who know what they are talking about and have very broad experience in handling these types of cases. Showing up at a court with CMS as your lawyers already gives the client an advantage: the courts know their seriousness and appreciate it. They are extremely thorough when working on a file and don’t overlook anything."

Feedback from a client about the department - Legal 500, 2021

"Very professional experts and very responsive; they always try to revert to you within 24 hours. Very open and accept a challenge."

Feedback from a client about the department - Legal 500, 2021

"They are very responsive to queries and have broad in-house coverage of various legal areas, as well as flexibility in working out practical solutions."

Feedback from a client about the department - Legal 500, 2021


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Vir­ginie Frémat pro­moted to part­ner
CMS is pleased to an­nounce that Vir­ginie Frémat was ap­poin­ted as part­ner on 24 Janu­ary 2019.Vir­ginie, who joined CMS in 2006, has a law de­gree from the Kath­olieke Uni­versiteit Leuven (2005) and holds...
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March 2015 News­let­ter
The goal of our news­let­ter is to keep you abreast of re­cent leg­al and tax de­vel­op­ments in the vari­ous areas where our firm has re­cog­nised ex­pert­ise.  Ed­it­or­i­al Dear read­er­Care­fully op­tim­ist­ic - Last...