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Artificial intelligence. The questions raised by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) are as intriguing to you as they are to us.

You/us. These questions challenge you/us as an economic player and as a human being. They challenge us as attorneys at your service and compel us to think about how we will be able to continue to assist you when algorithms will phagocyte entire areas of our practice.

AI Team. The individuals within this group are keen observers of AI developments within their respective fields of expertise. By uniting, they have committed to the shared goal of monitoring the progression of AI in a holistic manner. Our team offers comprehensive legal guidance to businesses of varying scales, catering to the needs of both startups and established enterprises. Our areas of expertise include:

  • HealthCare and Life Sciences & AI: Strategic insights on utilizing AI to accelerate drug discovery and development; guidance on implementing AI-driven personalized medicine approaches; support in deploying AI-based remote patient monitoring systems.
  • Data and cybersecurity & AI: Support in ensuring compliance with AI-related data privacy and security regulations.
  • Standardization & AI: Consultancy on promoting interoperability among AI systems; support in advocating for responsible AI practices through standardization.
  • Intellectual Property & AI: Consultancy on leveraging AI for IP risk management and IP protection strategies; support in negotiating and enforcing IP rights in the context of AI-based innovations.
  • Contracts & AI: Analysis of AI-related contracts; guidance on contract negotiation and drafting for AI-powered projects; support in ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI-related contracts.
  • Finance & AI: Support in ensuring compliance with AI-related financial regulations.

Passion. The AI Group is a team of lawyers who are passionate about innovation and specialized in new technologies, competition law, data protection, finance, intellectual property, and life sciences.

Genes. The establishment of the AI Group highlights CMS's innate commitment to innovation, solidifying its position as the pioneering law firm to introduce an artificial intelligence group in Belgium.

Local media. We are committed to raising our visibility within the local community and engaging with the media to provide expert legal insights and commentary. Our attorneys are frequently featured in local publications and media outlets, providing valuable legal guidance to the public.

The AI team

Portrait ofRomain Alderweireldt
Romain Alderweireldt
Senior Associate
Portrait ofTom De Cordier
Tom De Cordier
Portrait ofDeven Dobbelaere
Deven Dobbelaere
Senior Associate
Portrait ofThomas Dubuisson
Thomas Dubuisson
Senior Associate
Portrait ofMarie Vandenneucker
Marie Vandenneucker
Portrait ofTom Heremans
Tom Heremans
Portrait ofCharles-Antoine du Bus
Charles-Antoine du Bus
Junior Associate
Portrait ofAurore Roelandt
Aurore Roelandt
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Meet the AI team
The members of the AI group are attentive observers of the development of artificial intelligence in their field of expertise. They are passionate about innovation and specialized in new technologies...
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Meet the AI team
The members of the AI group are attentive observers of the development of artificial intelligence in their field of expertise. They are passionate about innovation and specialized in new technologies...
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