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CMS advises Merbag on the Acquisition of Mer­cedes-Benz Luxembourg S.A. from Daimler


Zurich | An international team of CMS Switzerland and Luxembourg under the lead of Stefan Brunnschweiler, Head of CMS Corporate/M&A, has advised Merbag on all legal aspects relating to the acquisition of the Luxembourg-based Mercedes-Benz Luxembourg S.A. from Daimler. The transaction is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2017.

Merbag Group is a leader in the Swiss automotive retail sector. Mercedes-Benz Luxembourg S.A., is a Luxembourg company specialised in the sale of vehicles, spare parts and related support services. Already in April 2017, Merbag has acquired Merbag S.p.A. (formerly Mercedes-Benz Milano S.p.A.), located in Milan, Italy, from the Daimler Group.

CMS Switzerland

Stefan Brunnschweiler, Lead Partner, Corporate/M&A

Mark Cagienard, Partner, Tax

Christian Gersbach, Partner, Employment

Andrea Ferchl, Associate, Corporate/M&A

Thomas Zweifel, Associate, Real Estate

Alexandra Stocker, Trainee, Corporate/M&A

Ivan Bicvic, Trainee, Real Estate

CMS Luxembourg

Julien Leclère, Partner, Corporate/M&A, Real Estate

William Jean-Baptiste, Partner, Tax

Audrey Bertolotti, Partner, Employment

Sylvain Elias, Associate, Corporate/M&A, Real Estate

Lucie Fanjeaux, Associate, Tax

Hugo Arellano, Associate, Employment