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Investment foundations: more flexibility for general meetings of investors
Since 1 July 2024, investment foundations have similar options for convening and holding general meetings of investors as stock corporations have for general meetings of shareholders.
Legal Flash - Void general meetings if convened by a board or directors...
The recent decision BGer 4A_387/2023, 4A_429/2023 confirms that the mandate of directors is not tacitly extended if the ordinary general meeting is not held within the statutory six-month period (BGE 148 III 69). In addition, the Federal Supreme Court considers a general meeting to be null and void if it is convened by directors who are no longer in office.
CMS European Private Equity Study 2024
This study analyses hundreds of Private Equity deals that we advised on in 2023 and previous years, providing unique insights into market trends
Legal Flash - Planned changes to the Swiss provisions on non-financial...
Extended scope of application, stricter content and increased transparency and control - how far-reaching are the planned changes?
AI Series 5: M&A – Investing in Artificial Intelligence
The rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence ("AI")-tools, with a particular spotlight on the success of innovative AI models like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard, and GitHub's Copilot has drawn many companies into investing in AI to secure a competitive edge in a newly evolving market. One of the key themes in this regard is the critical role of due diligence in assessing risks associated with AI investments. As competition for lucrative AI deals intensifies, the need for comprehensive due diligence assessments is rising, focusing on factors that could potentially impede AI machine learning and data-centric investments.
AI Series 4: Artificial Intelligence in the field of litigation & arbitration:...
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not only paved the way for IT-savvy fields of practice. It is also likely to revolutionize aspects of litigation, in particular the way litigation procedures can be executed and the variety of disputes that are likely to evolve from the AI-realm. In the following, we will try to highlight some of the most noteworthy trends and developments. On the one hand, artificial in­tel­li­gence-en­hanced litigation methods are visible on the nearer horizon (but without full accuracy confirmed yet), on the other hand, a growing risk of AI-re­lated-lit­ig­a­tion becomes apparent which requires an early reflection and response for businesses. 
AI Series 3: Supervisory authorities are increasingly focusing on AI in...
On 30 May 2024, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued a comprehensive statement on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the provision of retail investment services. ESMA acknowledges the transformative potential of AI in enhancing efficiency, innovation, and decision-making for investment services. However, the statement also underscores the associated risks, including algorithmic biases, data quality issues and transparency concerns that come with the adoption of AI technologies (see further information here).
CMS - Where to find us
For a compact overview of all CMS offices and contact details, please download the brochure below. For more information on our services, please refer to the countries panel at the top of the page
Bill on a Secure Electricity Supply from Renewable Energy – What are the...
The "Federal Act on a Secure Electricity Supply from Renewable Energy" was passed on 9 June 2024. Below you can find an overview of the most important changes.
AI Series 2: Artificial Intelligence and its potential impact for the advertising...
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has profound and far-reaching implications on the advertising industry. This can be said for any "creative" industry, but a particular transformative influence can be detected within the realms of the advertising, entertainment and media sector. While AI technologies continue to evolve, they are reshaping the landscape of marketing practices for brands and agencies alike.
The AI Series
Welcome to our AI Series, authored by our partner Dirk Spacek. This comprehensive collection explores the latest developments and insights in artificial intelligence, offering valuable perspectives and expert analysis. Stay  ahead of the curve with these in-depth articles, designed to keep you updated on this rapidly evolving field.
Solar plants in Switzerland – a legal overview
As of 1 January 2025, the net-zero target for 2050 will become law in Switzerland as part of the Swiss Climate and Innovation Act. The building sector is playing a key role in achieving this goal and in climate protection in general given that Swiss buildings account for about one third of Switzerland’s CO2 emissions and consume approximately 40% of the total energy demand in Switzerland.