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Discover thought leadership and legal insights by our legal experts from across CMS. In our Expert Guides, written by CMS lawyers from across the jurisdictions where we operate, we provide you with in-depth legal research and insights that can be read both online and offline. You can also find Law-Now articles with focused legal analysis, commentary and insights to help you anticipate future challenges and much more.

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#CMSLux­Ad­vent cal­en­dar 2022
We are very happy to present our #CMSLux­Ad­vent cal­en­dar which comes with 24 must-know leg­al in­sights of 2022 that will shape the leg­al land­scape in 2023.Keep an eye on the up­com­ing pub­lic­a­tions to dis­cov­er...
Mi­CAR: the European Crypto-As­sets Reg­u­la­tion
Dis­cov­er the European reg­u­la­tion on mar­kets in crypto-as­sets in this new series of short Mi­CAR-ded­ic­ated videos.Back­ground & ob­ject­ivesThe scopeN­FT­sThe cat­egor­ies of as­sets which fall with­in scope­Activ­it­ies...
We­bin­ar Re­cord­ing | Will Block­chain dis­rupt the full funds value chain...
Check out the we­bin­ar re­play to ex­plore to­geth­er with our CMS ex­perts and key del­eg­ates of the fund value chain such as Tokeny, BlocHome/Let­z­Token, Op­por­tun­ity, Caceis, Q  Se­cur­it­ies, Nor­dic­Ninja...
We­bin­ar Re­cord­ing | At­tract re­tail in­vestors in­to al­tern­at­ive strategies
More than 10 years after the entry in­to force of the AIFM Dir­ect­ive, it is now widely ac­cep­ted that the mar­ket has be­come ma­ture enough to at­tract re­tail in­vestors in­to al­tern­at­ive strategies such...
CMS Real Es­tate Glob­al Bro­chure
Glob­al­isa­tion, polit­ic­al tur­bu­lence, changes in urb­an liv­ing pat­terns, in­creased di­git­isa­tion, shift­ing con­sumer be­ha­viour and flex­ible work­ing are just some of the is­sues that are trans­form­ing the de­mands...
CMS Bank­ing & Fin­ance Glob­al Bro­chure
Fin­an­cial and bank­ing le­gis­la­tion does not stand still. So neither do we.At CMS we em­ploy over 500 bank­ing & fin­ance law­yers to an­ti­cip­ate, in­ter­pret and ad­vise on the loc­al, cross-bor­der and in­ter­na­tion­al...
Boom & Gloom? CMS European M&A Out­look 2023
We are pleased to share with you the 2023 edi­tion of the European M&A Out­look pub­lished by CMS in as­so­ci­ation with Mer­ger­mar­ket.
CMS Tax Glob­al Bro­chure
Over the past two years, en­ter­prises, gov­ern­ments and cit­izens have grappled with un­par­alleled tech­no­lo­gic­al evol­u­tion and new busi­ness mod­els, as well as sig­ni­fic­ant tax re­forms, reg­u­lat­ory changes...
CMS Private Equity Glob­al Bro­chure
Private equity in­vestors face daily pres­sures of ori­gin­a­tion, valu­ations, ex­e­cu­tion, per­form­ance, exit strategies, fund rais­ing and reg­u­la­tion. At CMS, our private equity strategy is de­signed around our...
We­bin­ar re­cord­ing | Re­view of AIFMD and EL­TI­FR
You can re­watch the full re­cor­ded ses­sion here at your own pace. Dur­ing this 45min we­bin­ar, or­gan­ised by CMS our law­yers provide a de­tailed over­view on the key pro­vi­sions of the Pro­pos­al.Our In­vest­ment...
CMS Funds Glob­al Bro­chure
The world in which the in­ter­na­tion­al funds in­dustry op­er­ates is chan­ging at un­pre­ced­en­ted speed. The eco­nom­ic con­sequences of Cov­id-19 present a massive chal­lenge to some funds and an op­por­tun­ity to oth­ers...
Tech­no­logy Trans­form­a­tion: Man­aging Risks in a Chan­ging Land­scape
Chan­ging tech, chan­ging risks