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Market characteristics

Tirana’s industrial and logistics market has developed over the last decades mostly along the Tirane-Vore highway. It consists of the busiest industrial segment and has almost completely developed due to its proximity to central Tirana.

The section of highway between Vore and Durres also offers industrial properties and although it is less developed than the Tirana-Vore section, it currently offers numerous land opportunities for purchase. Based on its proximity to the industrial port of Durrës, the Tirana International Airport, and the planned main highway artery to Kosovo, this area is ideal for the expansion of Tirana’s industrial and logistics market. Furthermore, another industrial area of Tirana is the segment road linking Tirana with Kombinat, where several old and/or new industrial developments have been delivered over the past twenty years.

The increase in supply of industrial premises in the suburbs of Tirana correlates with the high demand for such premises. A significant portion of the demand is created by the fashion industry, which is one of the most successful industries in Albania.

Since labour costs are low and foreign companies pay low taxes in Albania, the latter have facilities for final fashion goods production, which is then exported abroad. Additionally, with the enlargement of Tirana, the prime industrial area has shifted slightly towards the development of retail outlets, shopping malls and big box office buildings.

Key contacts

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Managing Partner
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Evis Zaja
Local Partner
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