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E-Commerce Sector Inquiry 2017

Final Report

16 May 2017

On 10 May 2017 the European Commission finalised its two-year antitrust sector inquiry into e-commerce and published its findings in a 300 page working staff document.

The final report confirms the Commission's previous concerns that companies are taking measures to restrict cross-border e-commerce. The report analyses the existence and impact of the various practices companies engage in response to the challenges of e-commerce, both regarding trade in goods and digital content. It signals the factors that will be relevant to the assessment as to whether the various practices are likely to be regarded as anti-competitive in a particular case.

Our briefing sums up what the sector inquiry is about, what the findings are and what companies can expect for the future. It also highlights potential problems that can be avoided through taking the right steps now.

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E-Commerce Sector Inquiry Final Report May 2017


Kai Neuhaus, LL.M.
Brussels - EU Law Office
Brian Sher
Brian Sher
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