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Kai Neuhaus, LL.M.
E-Commerce Sector Inquiry
Preliminary report published
05 Oct 16
Webinar: Brexit Management Intellectual Property
An EU and UK perspective
On 15 September 2016 the European Commission has published its 29...
EU reform of copyright law: heading in the right direction?
Two roads diverged in a wood, perhaps the Commission favoured the one most travelled. The European Commission, within the framework of its ‘Digital Single Market’ strategy, has recently launched a few proposals hoping to adapt the existing copyright regime.
CMS - Where to find us
Yesterday we rounded off our Real Estate Campus 2016 with our fin...
20 Sep 16
Lunch marchés publics | Overheidsopdrachtenlunch
When the Dust Settles: Cross-border restructuring and insolvency...
As the dust begins to settle after the EU referendum and the potential ramifications of Brexit continue to be digested, we examine the potential impact of Brexit on the UK cross-border restructuring and insolvency regime and its consequences for the UK’s reputation.
CMS - Facts & Figures
15 Sep 16
Real Estate Campus 2016
Third session: Sale
Gaël Chuffart in La Libre on Caterpillar declining the federal pa...
CJEU clarifies criteria for recovering lawyers’ fees in IP disput...
In its decision of 28 July 2016, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) clarified that at least a significant and appropriate part of the reasonable costs incurred by the successful party must be reimbursed by the unsuccessful party in IP litigation.
CMS opens office in Hong Kong
09 Jun 16
Real Estate Campus 2016
Second session: Occupation
Read our new energy storage e-guide, which covers 22 jurisdiction...
What future for environment taxes?
On 6th September 2016 the European Environment Agency, an agency of the European Union tasked to provide “sound, independent information on the environment” published a report on Environmental taxation and EU environmental policies.
E-guide on Energy Storage