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Darina Baltadjieva
Development of infrastructure for electric cars –...
CMS launches CEE Real Estate Investment Compass 2017
2016’s record-breaking EUR 12. 2bn investment in the real estate sector in the CEE region is likely to be surpassed in 2017 – this is according to the CEE Real Estate Investment Compass 2017 published by CMS in cooperation with Colliers International.
Stabilization Proceedings for Companies
The new Bulgarian government’s priorities in the energy sector
Following the General elections held on 26 March 2017, a coalition government between the winner GERB and the three parties of the Patriotic Front (the coalition between three parties) is in final stages of negotiations.
6 April 2017
CMS launches the CEE Real Estate Investment Compas...
Bulgaria implements EU offshore safety directive
After over 18 months of consultations, the Bulgarian government adopted a new ordinance on the safety of offshore oil and gas operations (the “Ordinance”), which was promulgated in issue 103 of the State Gazette dated 27 December 2016 and applies to the existing.
The European Commission critiques the Bulgarian ba...
The new edition of the CMS “Guide to Mandatory Offers and Squeeze...
Draft Bulgarian tax law reflects EU legislation on mandatory auto...
At the end of March 2017, the Ministry of Finance called for public discussion on a draft bill (the “Bill”) amending the Bulgarian Tax and Social Insurance Procedural Code (the “Code”). The Bill seeks to improve administrative cooperation in the Bulgarian tax.
16 March 2017
CMS strengthens its German capability in Central a...
The “Law on the Sixth Five-Year Economic, Cultural, and Social De...
Do robots have rights? The European Parliament addresses artifici...
Background A lively discussion is currently under way in the business world regarding possible applications of intelligent IT systems and autonomous machines and equipment. Rapid technical development in these areas has spurred the imagination of users.
9 March 2017
CMS tops M&A rankings in CEE again
Europe: Pre-tender engagements under new Public Procurement Direc...
Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement (the “Directive”) allows contracting authorities to engage in pre-tender market consultations in order to: (i) identify potential bidders and solutions; (ii) build awareness and capacity in the market about the requirements.