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As an organisation operating in Bulgaria, you are working within a developing economy and with an evolving position within CEE.   Since 2005 at CMS, we have been working in partnership with national and international businesses, from multi-nationals to start-ups, to meet their business objectives, deliver projects and close deals.

CMS Bulgaria works across international borders and all industry sectors and commercial areas of law.  We have the depth of resource to ensure end to end delivery on both international and national projects.  This includes: banking and finance; commercial; competition and EU; consumer products; corporate; dispute resolution; employment; energy; hotels and leisure; infrastructure and project finance; insurance and funds; intellectual property; life sciences; private equity; real estate and construction; tax; technology, media and telecoms. All Bulgarian lawyers at CMS offices work seamlessly together to deliver the right, flexible and cost-effective approach for every matter.

CMS in Bulgaria works in modern premises which epitomise a law firm of today.  All the facilities have been designed around the clients we work with. 

If you do business in Bulgaria, please come and visit us, reach out via our online contact form or give us a call.

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