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A key driver of the global economy, the energy and climate change sector is affected by geopolitical, economic and regulatory pressures. You require advisors who understand your industry and work with leaders of energy companies, regulators, governments, industry bodies and investors on the cutting edge of commercial, regulatory and risk issues in the sector. Based across 15 jurisdictions in Central and Eastern Europe, we have been active in CEE since the beginning of the privatisation and liberalisation of the energy and climate change sector across the region. We have helped to shape the sector by advising on the most high-profile and ground-breaking projects and transactions over many years.

Our dedicated energy and climate change lawyers work in every part of the sector, including upstream and downstream oil & gas, electricity, nuclear and renewables.  Whether you are a NOC, IOC, independent, electricity company, investor, government or financial institution, we have the energy and climate change specialists to meet all your strategic challenges globally. Our multi-disciplinary teams were among the first to advise on ground-breaking global oil and gas M&A and on power projects in Europe, to establish a single electricity market in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, lead historic electricity industry reform in Mexico, and work on renewable energy projects globally.

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23 April 2021
The Road to COP26: Our 101 on COP26
COP26 is sched­uled to take place from Monday 1st Novem­ber – Fri­day 12th Novem­ber 2021 in Glas­gow. It was ori­gin­ally in­ten­ded to take place last Novem­ber but was post­poned due to COV­ID-19.  It brings...
26 March 2021
Oil & Gas / Ship­ping – The Ever Giv­en
The Suez Canal opened in 1869. Along with the Panama Canal, it is one of the most im­port­ant mari­time “short­cuts” ever built. Today, the canal is 193km (120 miles) long and is one of the busiest wa­ter­ways...
18 March 2021
The Value and In­teg­ra­tion of Biod­iversity in Busi­ness De­cision Mak­ing
The Re­view of The Eco­nom­ics of Biod­iversity by Pro­fess­or Sir Partha Dasgupta com­mis­sioned by the UK Treas­ury was pub­lished on 2 Feb­ru­ary 2021[1]. The Re­view was tasked to as­sess the eco­nom­ic be­ne­fits...
01 March 2021
The Glob­al Sul­phur Ban – One Year On
Since 1 March 2020 all mar­ine ves­sels have been sub­ject to a ban from car­ry­ing on board high sul­phur mar­ine fuel oil (“HSFO”) with sul­phur con­tent great­er than 0.50% un­less they have a ‘scrub­ber’...
25 February 2021
Gov­ern­ment launches tender for waste in­cin­er­at­or in Sofia
Bul­garia launched a tender for ap­prox­im­ately EUR 149.4 mil­lion without VAT for the con­struc­tion of a com­bined heat and power plant (CHP) in Sofia. The dead­line for sub­mit­ting of­fers is 15 April 2021. The waste in­cin­er­at­or pro­ject plans to con­struct a fa­cil­ity for in­cin­er­at­ing an al­tern­at­ive fuel de­rived from pro­cessed waste – RDF (Re­fuse-De­rived Fuel). The RDF will be used by the Sofia Thermal Power Plant (TPP Sofia) as an al­tern­at­ive to nat­ur­al gas. The waste in­cin­er­a­tion plant must be built on the TPP Sofia site and will burn fuel pro­duced from Sofia res­id­ents’ waste.The ca­pa­city of the fu­ture in­stall­a­tion will be 180,000 tons of mod­i­fied waste per year. The fuel will be provided by the Sofia Mu­ni­cip­al­ity free of charge, which in turn should re­duce the costs of Toplofika­cia Sofia (the Sofia dis­trict heat­ing com­pany). The in­cin­er­at­or plant is ex­pec­ted to save around 65 mil­lion cu­bic meters of nat­ur­al gas per year, or EUR 15 to 18 mil­lion.
09 February 2021
BAT con­clu­sions for large com­bus­tion plants an­nulled – What next?
On 27 Janu­ary 2021 the Gen­er­al Court of the European Uni­on de­clared the so-called BAT con­clu­sions for large com­bus­tion plants an­nulled. It is worth con­sid­er­ing what this rul­ing really means and what it...
27 January 2021
Bul­garia launches EUR 73 mil­lion gas in­ter­con­nect­or pro­ject
Bul­garia is launch­ing a pub­lic pro­cure­ment for Gas In­ter­con­nec­tion Bul­garia-Ser­bia (IBS), a re­verse con­nec­tion that will link the na­tion­al gas trans­mis­sion net­works of Bul­garia and Ser­bia. The es­tim­ated...
26 January 2021
Bul­garia boosts reg­u­lat­ory sup­port for new re­new­ables
In line with Bul­gari­a's le­gis­lat­ive sup­port of new re­new­able en­ergy pro­jects, law­makers in Sofia ad­op­ted a series of amend­ments to the Bul­gari­an En­ergy Act, which boosts sup­port for new re­new­able en­ergy...
25 January 2021
Bul­garia ex­pects bids for Sofia EfW plant by 15 March
After ten years of pre­par­a­tion and stud­ies, the Sofia dis­trict heat­ing util­ity an­nounced a tender for the Sofia EfW plant to be op­er­ated by re­fuse-de­rived fuel (RDF), with the dead­line for sub­mit­ting...
21 January 2021
Life after Brexit – Im­plic­a­tions for the up­stream oil and gas sec­tor
Now that the dec­or­a­tions are packed away and the Christ­mas cake crumbs swept up, we are turn­ing our at­ten­tion to the out­come of the last minute agree­ment of the Trade and Co-op­er­a­tion Agree­ment (TCA)...
13 January 2021
EU­'s Por­tuguese pres­id­ency re­leases new draft of ePri­vacy Reg­u­la­tion
On 5 Janu­ary 2021, the Coun­cil of the EU – with Por­tugal serving as the Pres­id­ent-in-Of­fice – re­leased a new draft ver­sion of the ePri­vacy Reg­u­la­tion, which is meant to re­place the ePri­vacy Dir­ect­ive...
04 January 2021
Bul­garia con­tin­ues sup­port of oil and gas ex­plor­a­tion
De­clar­ing po­ten­tial dis­cov­er­ies as "one of the main factors for the en­ergy se­cur­ity of the coun­try", the Bul­gari­an gov­ern­ment has pledged re­newed sup­port for oil and gas ex­plor­a­tion through its draft...