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Kai Neuhaus, LL.M.
E-Commerce Sector Inquiry
Preliminary report published
16 Nov 16
CMS Competition Breakfast
Antitrust Damages Claims
When the Dust Settles: Cross-border restructuring and insolvency...
As the dust begins to settle after the EU referendum and the potential ramifications of Brexit continue to be digested, we examine the potential impact of Brexit on the UK cross-border restructuring and insolvency regime and its consequences for the UK’s reputation.
Dr. Hubertus Kolster
CMS opens office in Hong Kong
20 Oct 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
What future for environment taxes?
On 6th September 2016 the European Environment Agency, an agency of the European Union tasked to provide “sound, independent information on the environment” published a report on Environmental taxation and EU environmental policies.
CMS - Where to find us
05 Oct 16
Webinar: Brexit Management Intellectual Property
An EU and UK perspective
CMS launches e-guide on energy storage
Energy storage offers a range of opportunities for standalone developers, generators, network operators and consumers (ranging from large energy users through to domestic consumers) and other electricity sector participants and is an increasing focus due to.
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EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive: Impact on Investment Funds
EU Member States recently reached an agreement on the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive 2016/0011 (the “Directive”). The Directive is aimed at tax planning practices currently widely used by multinational companies and builds on the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit.
E-guide on Energy Storage
Who may advertise with #Rio2016?
The US-American Olympic Committee recently warned athletes’ private sponsors against using hashtags such, as #Rio2016 #TeamUSA #Olympic #Olympian and #GoForTheGold on social media. The German Olympic Sports Association has since confirmed that they reserve.