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Peter Huber
CMS Guide to Mandatory Offers and Squeeze-outs
No bypassing of rules guaranteeing due process in the field of ju...
Introduction In order to facilitate and expedite the exchange of information with foreign judicial authorities in criminal matters, Swiss  prosecuting authorities and notably the federal prosecutor's office, in anticipation of a request for judicial assistance.
CMS advises Merbag on the Acquisition of Mercedes-...
Do robots have rights? The European Parliament addresses artifici...
Background A lively discussion is currently under way in the business world regarding possible applications of intelligent IT systems and autonomous machines and equipment. Rapid technical development in these areas has spurred the imagination of users.
CMS advises Heraeus on the acquisition of Argor-He...
Gerne laden wir Sie ein zum CMS M&A Breakfast 2017 mit dem Thema...
On the road to autonomous vehicles
Connected and autonomous vehicle (“CAV”) technologies are set to have a profound social and economic impact worldwide and continue to accumulate a great weight of expectation. Advocates argue that CAV technologies will improve road safety, ease congestion and.
CMS advises shareholder side on investment by H.I....
Due diligence and proportionality under scrutiny in latest ICSID...
Summary In a decision dated 21 February 2017, a tribunal acting under the auspices of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (“ICSID”), the World Bank’s arbitration institution, in Ampal-American Israel Corp.
22 March 2017
CMS European M&A Study: M&A robust in 2016 and con...
Impending UK Inheritance Tax Changes
In the 2015 Summer Budget, proposals were announced to change the UK tax regime for non-domiciles. These proposals were the subject of a consultation paper which was published on 19 August 2016. The new regime will take effect as planned from 6 April 2017.
CMS Zurich advises the management and further inve...
Newly amended ICC Arbitration Rules provide for expedited procedu...
On 1 March 2017, the latest amendment to the ICC Arbitration Rules (the “ICC Rules”) came into force, introducing a number of changes aimed at increasing transparency and efficiency in ICC arbitration proceedings.