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Since joining the EU in 2004, Slovenia has become an attractive business location and a preferred destination for investors. CMS established a presence here in 2008 with an office in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital: our legal team of 15 supports Slovenian companies operating internationally and also provides international business and concerns with full-service legal advice covering all aspects and specialty areas of commercial law.

What Slovenia has in common with all of the CMS locations throughout the CEE area is a legal system with unique characteristics. Which makes it all the more important that our staff not only have roots in the local culture, yet also feel at home in several jurisdictions. We have excellent relations with the Slovenian public authorities and government ministries, we are familiar with the intricacies of the local market and understand your needs and your business well.

Do you already have a presence here in Slovenia, or are you planning market entry? We would be pleased to hear from you, either by completing our online contact form, or by simply calling us.

Our efficient network which covers the entire CEE area, plus the added weight of CMS' strong international presence - with over 3,000 lawyers worldwide - enables our teams to quickly access expertise and at the same time provide seamless support to our clients in cross-border mandates. This in turn generates significant competitive advantages.

The main focus of our legal advice in Slovenia is on the areas of M&A, corporate, distribution and labour law, banking and finance, real estate and the automotive and telecommunications industries. We are also the ideal partner for you if you are looking for support in matters of public procurement or tax issues.

We would like to advise you that due to statutory regulations applicable to the Slovenian bar association, we are not permitted to display pictures of our legal team on this website.

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