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CMS Lunch - Investing in Russia - Opportunities and Pitfalls

Hotel Baur au LacTalstrasse 18001 ZurichSwitzerland

Past event
09 September 2010 - 00:00 UTC +00:00

The post-crash landscape of Russia has triggered mixed impressions amongst foreign investors and a real decline of inward investment activity. Investors fear that the opportunities deriving from the size of the market and Russia‘s openness to inward investment come at the price of operating in an uncertain and risky legal and administrative environment. But the interest has not gone away.

In the light of this continuing interest in the Russian market, the speakers at this luncheon will provide their own views on how the legal, regulatory and political environment in Russia looks now and will present an overview of the opportunities, risks and challenges faced by foreign entrepreneurs when operating in the Russian market.

11.30 - 14.00

Dr Max Albers, Partner, CMS von Erlach Henrici Ltd
Dr Thomas Heidemann / Leonid Zubarev, Partners, CMS, Russia,
Dr Stephan Werlen, Partner, CMS von Erlach Henrici Ltd
Roman Abdulin, Deputy General Manager, Russian Commercial Bank Ltd

Please register by 01 September 2010 via e-mail to cms-lunch@cms-veh.com.
Participation is free of charge