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The CMS Switzerland FinTech team combines strengths of market-leading legal, commercial and technological expertise with practical industry knowledge. We guide investors, start-ups, technology companies, financial institutions and infrastructure providers on the various legal issues they face when implementing FinTech-projects. In addition, we always try to anticipate developments that may be waiting around the corner and suggest solutions to them in advance. Since FinTech-matters are often internationally driven, CMS brings a unique network of global CMS-firms together with local specialists of 43 jurisdictions well versed in FinTech-matters, which facilitates the rollout of any global project.

Our interdisciplinary FinTech team includes various experienced specialists with a background in banking & finance, IT/IP and privacy matters and/or commercial law. We view FinTech as a new interdisciplinary matter and strive to provide the best legal advice by gathering multiple-area experts working together as a team for you. The CMS team, for instance, supported clients with licensing applications and applications for no-action letters before the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), developed complex licensing agreements, drafted many blockchain terms and conditions, advised on data protection within blockchain projects, and provided numerous clients with insights as to whether their intended set-up is subject to Swiss regulatory law and solutions how to accommodate that.

We cover a broad range of Fintech projects including:

  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs)
  • Security token offerings (STOs)
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Promotion of specific blockchains and/or cryptocurrencies in the realm of foundation or association structures
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)-Outsourcings (White Listing)
  • Investments in FinTech companies
  • Distribution of tokenized instruments into Switzerland
  • Platforms to digitalize debt or equity
  • Etc.

We are continuously monitoring the most recent developments in the Swiss, European and global legislation, case law and practice of the authorities within the global CMS FinTech group and keep our clients up to date on all relevant developments. Moreover, our firm is a proud host of business-oriented seminars and round tables, in which legal, tech, and finance specialists share their latest know-how. The specialists of the CMS FinTech group also regularly publish and give presentations in the field.

Contact our Swiss team

Whether you are developing your own FinTech business, nurturing or investing in the field, we are at your disposal if you require legal advice. Feel free to reach out, even if only for a first informal chat.

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