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Cryptocurrency at the Crossroads

Cryptocurrency at the Crossroads

Panel, IBA Asia Pacific Forum Tokyo, 28 February 2019

Dr Matthias Kuert participated in a panel regarding cryptocurrencies at the IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference of 27 February to 1 March 2019 in Tokyo.

The panel surveyed the regulatory and policy landscape for cryptocurrency and crypto trading around the Asia Pacific region, with comparison to the United States and the European Union, including Switzerland. Among the patterns and trends to be covered, the panel considered crypto transactional structuring in the context of general securities regulation and looked at the impact of Anti-Money Laundering rules and other banking constraints. Further aspects addressed were cross-jurisdictional trading, tax issues, and controversies surrounding Initial Coin Offerings.

Dr Matthias Kuert inter alia talked about "The Rise of Security Token Offerings (STOs) in Switzerland". The presentation can be downloaded below.

If you are interested in STOs or other topics related to cryptocurrencies, the Banking & Finance team of CMS Switzerland is happy to support you. Please contact our expert Dr Matthias Kuert for more information.

The Rise of Security Token Offerings in Switzerland
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Portrait of Matthias Kuert
Dr Matthias Kuert, LL.M.