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The new world of work in Colombia

The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place in countries around the world – including Colombia – in response has compelled both employers and employees to adopt a new vision for work. How did this happen? Globally, countless companies and government agencies have sustained themselves during the ongoing crisis by having workers move from the office and conduct their duties at home.

Now, months after the beginning of the pandemic, many employers and employees are realizing that temporary measures like home-office remote work are proving so efficient they could and should be continued in the future. But implementing innovations like remote work raises a host of legal and administrative considerations. This page, based on the webinar The Future is Now: The New World of Work in Colombia that was hosted by employment lawyers Sandra Mora and Pablo Albornet with CMS Colombia, explores how telework and home-office work are impacting the dynamic of the Colombian workplace, and the challenges these forms of employment pose. Read the article, listen to the podcast and watch webinar recording on this topic below.


The Future is Now: The new world of work in Colombia


Listen to the global CMS Employment podcast episode about the new world of work in Colombia. The speakers are discussing the following:

  • Differences between Home Office and Remote Work (Teleworking) and the advantages and disadvantages of Home Office
  • Staff Mobility and measures to maintain jobs
  • New health and safety measures
  • New technologies and digitalization of internal work processes

Language: English 
Speakers: Sandra Mora and Pablo Albornet

Webinar recording

The Future is Now: The new World of Work in Colombia


Sandra Mora
Sandra Mora
Senior Associate