Islands, such as Britain, have been particularly fruitful places to develop the practice of delivering regulated and merchant interconnectors. CMS has advised on all 5GW of interconnector capacity currently in place from the UK. We are advising on seven interconnector projects in the feasibility or development phase, plus the Western HVDC Link Project.

We work ‘hand in glove’ with teams delivering these projects with a view to achieving a bankable solution, which ensures that the CMS contracts and approach effectively capture the breadth of our experience. Having advised a range of developers and on different financing strategies more broadly, we have the solutions to deliver every project. The strong global CMS network offers a combined team ready to advise on these cross-border projects across the world.

Selected relevant experience includes advising:

  • NeuConnect: The project on the procurement, construction, regulation and consenting of the NeuConnect (Germany-England) electricity interconnector. NeuConnect is a £1.4bn, 1.4 GW project traversing three countries (England, the Netherlands and Germany).
  • NorthConnect: The project on its joint venture arrangements on its proposed electricity interconnector project between Norway and the UK.
  • Western Link: National Grid and ScottishPower on their procurement, contracting, and project management of the 422km Western HVDC Link transmission bootstrap project.
  • IFA2: National Grid on all aspects of the IFA2 (England-France) electricity interconnector project, EPC contract, interface agreement and other ancillary documents, strategy, development, joint venture arrangements, negotiation and evaluation.
  • Greenlink: The project on all elements of the (England-Ireland) electricity interconnector project, which has included general contracting and procurement advice, regulatory advice in GB and advice relating to the development services.
  • Nemo: Advising National Grid on various elements of the now operational Nemo (England-Belgium) link, including the joint venture arrangements, regulatory issues drafting the marine surveyor’s appointment and sharing lessons learnt on EPC terms. We also provided day-to-day French law advice to Belgium’s TSO in relation to that portion of the cable that traverses French territorial waters.
  • NSL: National Grid on various elements of the NSL (Norway-England) interconnector. We advised on the joint venture arrangements for the construction and operational phases of this project, including detailed drafting review, commentary on the joint venture documents and associated regulatory advice.
  • BritNed: National Grid on various elements of the BritNed (Netherlands-England) interconnector.
  • IFA: National Grid on the original capacity allocation mechanisms and more recently on joint venture arrangements regarding access to capacity markets in connection with the IFA (England-France) interconnector and other project issues.
  • Channel Tunnel: Advising Eurotunnel and Star Capital on their joint venture for their interconnector between England and RTE’s network in France, via the Channel Tunnel. Also later advising Channel Tunnel on the property documents relating to the construction and operation of this merchant interconnector through the tunnel.
  • Onshore works: A bidder for a place on SHE Transmission’s framework for the design and construction of substations to form part of the electricity transmission network in Scotland.
  • Energy Bridge: REN on the GB regulatory framework and its response to DECC’s consultation in relation to the proposed Energy Bridge electricity transmission project linking non- GB generation to GB.
  • Iceland: The developer of a proposed electricity interconnector between Iceland and England on the marine survey tender.
  • FAB Link: The States of Alderney on land access for the FAB Link electricity interconnector project across Alderney.
  • Channel Islands Grid: Channel Islands Electricity Grid on the delivery of new electricity and fibre optic interconnection capacity between France, Jersey and Guernsey.
  • East-West Interconnector: EirGrid on its procurement and contracting for the East-West Interconnector project between Ireland and GB.

Key contact

Munir Hassan
Head of the CMS Energy & Climate Change Group
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