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Lexology GTDT - Patents 2020 (Switzerland)

Patent law protects inventions and gives inventors the right to exclusively use, license and market their inventions. Patents are a reward and incentive for research and development in all fields of technology and science. Patent law around the world continues to evolve to address newest advances in technology and science. Judicial decisions, national legislation in various countries and international treaties all reflect efforts to strike the appropriate balance between encouraging inventions by providing meaningful intellectual property right protection but also encouraging continued growth and development of new technology.

The chapter on patents for Switzerland 2020 was written by Dr Dirk Spacek. Please find below the complete article to download.

Accreditation: Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Lexology Getting the Deal Through – Patents 2020 (Published: May 2020). For further information please visit www.gettingthedealthrough.com.

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Lexology GTDT - Patents 2020 - Switzerland
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Portrait of Dirk Spacek
Dr. Dirk Spacek, LL.M.