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At CMS Carey & Allende we have a practice area specialised in Venture Capital, advising clients from their earliest stages to the internationalisation of the business, including successful exits. We have a team of professionals with an interdisciplinary approach, in order to become strategic advisers to our clients in the long term, supporting them in each stage of their growth, including seed capital and financing rounds (via debt, equity, SAFE or KISS); due diligence; design and implementation of vesting plans, regulatory analysis to determine the viability of the business, data protection policies, corporate governance matters, and tax planning, among other matters.

Additionally, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to support them throughout the application for the benefits granted by the Research and Development Law in Chile, accompanying them closely at each stage, in order to comply with all benefit requirements.

Why work with CMS Carey & Allende on venture capital matters?

Team. We have an interdisciplinary team with experience in this industry. Our advice goes far beyond legal advice and our clients can confirm it.

Special rates. We understand the cash restrictions that may exist in many start-ups, so we have special rates which consider the financing rounds closed by the company.

CMS equIP. Since 2015, CMS has had a global programme called CMS equIP, dedicated to supporting the development of tech start-ups and which has been operating successfully in Chile since 2019. The programme is an incubator that selects a pool of start-ups to support, mainly through: (i) special discounts on legal advice; (ii) formal introductions to players in the industry in question, including CMS’s own clients; and (iii) access to exclusive CMS equIP training at a global level.

Other benefits. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, start-ups that work with CMS have access to templates of documents common in this industry (such as SAFE or Convertible Notes or stock option programmes).


"CMS Carey & Allende provides a high-quality service and perfect response time, reacting quickly and positively to our needs. The team has broad experience and deep knowledge in the field of venture capital"

Chambers Latin America - 2023

"The firm has extensive experience in this area, which was demonstrated by the work carried out"

The Legal 500 - 2022

"The strengths are that each of the points considered in the memorandum were discussed in detail, considering each of the possible risk factors to which our company could be exposed"

The Legal 500 - 2022

"Stands out as a firm that goes to great lengths to truly get to know its clients and understand in detail the multiple elements and intricacies that comprise the client"

The Legal 500 - 2022


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