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It has already been 5 years since we joined CMS

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“Our evaluation of CMS Carey & Allende is decidedly positiv” - Jorge Allende Zañartu, CMS Chile partner and CMS Latin America Steering Committee chairman.


On the fifth anniversary of the integration of both law firms, the lawyer and partner emphasize the virtues of the arrangement:  “We joined a large global firm, in line with global and regional trends in the legal sector.”

According to partner Jorge Allende Zañartu, the formation of multinational teams and the access to innovative technology in the legal industry are the most outstanding aspects of the cooperation between the European firm CMS and the Chilean law firm Carey & Allende. 

This week marks five years since the arrangement began, this process of constant change, progress and development. On the one hand, Carey & Allende understands that due to globalization, clients expect the same quality service wherever they work in the world. And on the other hand, CMS sees the expansion in Latin America as a clear improvement in its international services.

"The outcome has been decidedly positive. We joined a large global firm, in line with the trends in the legal sector, with a significant presence in five countries in the region," emphasizes Allende Zañartu.

Global synergies

CMS today is an outstanding example of the full service law firm, present in 75 cities in 45 countries and with more than 5,000 lawyers around the world. This presence makes it possible to offer all types of clients and companies, especially multinationals, incomparable coverage. 

This is also an advantage for the professionals who work in the firm, since they can cultivate an interesting career in an international context, learning, training and joining practice and sector groups with projects in different jurisdictions and continents. This is also a key ingredient in attracting, recruiting and retaining quality talent. 

This experience has allowed our lawyers to participate in important conferences, expert analyses and publications, in addition to being recognized in the most significant legal directories.

"There is genuine potential for career development that can hardly be achieved with other more traditional types of firms," underlines Allende Zañartu, who also chairs the CMS Latin America Steering Committee.

In this sense, the region is working with a clear strategy: to consolidate a unified force, with strong local roots and a diverse global outlook. 

With this objective, today CMS is present in five key countries:  Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. And soon an expansion to Ecuador and Central America may be considered, in addition to the continuous considerations of Argentina and Uruguay.