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CMS Disputes Webinar: Virtual Hearings - What lies ahead?

Past event
02 June 2021, 16:00 - 17:00

Over the past year, virtual hearings have become part of the “new normal” for international arbitration. This webinar moves away from the (now well-trodden) approach of extolling the virtues (or not) of virtual hearings and takes stock, one year on, about what has now become an indispensable tool for the work of international arbitration practitioners.

Topics discussed will include: 

  • Best of Tips & Tricks – what worked, what didn’t? A review of the various tips and tricks that we have seen: Which are the most practical ones that will be useful going forward, as we transit to hybrid working arrangements?
  • Borderless hearings – do they really work? A discussion on multi-jurisdictional hearings, with case studies on how the timezone / location differences can impact your hearing outcome or process
  • Nuts, bolts and more – behind the scene: Our panel share their experience on essentials for ensuring a smooth Virtual Hearing process, including technology settings and logistics setup. 

Registration is free and you can register for this webinar below, and we look forward to an interactive discussion with you.

  • 02 June


Portrait of Richard Bamforth
Richard Bamforth
Portrait of Lynette Chew
Lynette Chew
Portrait of Mariel Dimsey
Dr. Mariel Dimsey
Hong Kong (CMS HS)
Portrait of Nicolas Wiegand
Dr. Nicolas Wiegand
Managing Partner
Hong Kong (CMS HS)
Wei Ming Tan
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