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Fabrizio Spagnolo


CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni
Via Agostino Depretis 86
00184 Rome
Languages Italian, English, French

Fabrizio Spagnolo is head of the Employment & Pensions Department at CMS. He joined the firm in 1991 and became Partner in 1994.

He provides consulting on individual and collective issues in mergers and acquisitions cases and company transfers (including union consulting) and more generally on corporate re-organisations as well as the related individual or collective agreements.
He also focuses on all issues related to workforce restructuring and layoff procedures, including consultations with union representatives, the implementation of redundancy plans (integration funds), interacting both with the unions as well as with the Ministry of Labour.

Fabrizio assists clients in negotiations with union organisations as well as in the drafting of collective business agreements, the resolution of issues related to employment contracts with rank and file employees, managers and directors, the drafting and review of professional collaboration or employment contracts and other alternatives to subordinate employment contracts.

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Memberships & Roles

  • Rome Bar Association
  • IBA (International Bar Association)
  • AGI (Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani) [Italian Employment Attorneys]
  • EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association)
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  • 2002 – Authorized to act before the Higher Courts (Supreme Court and Council of State)
  • 1994 – Passed the state exam for fast-track qualification as attorney
  • 1991 – Admitted to the Rome Bar Association
  • 1988 – University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy), Law Degree
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18 May 2020
COV­ID-19 Phase Two – Work­place safety Pro­to­cols
The Prime Min­is­teri­al De­cree of 26 April 2020 (“Phase 2 De­cree”), which in­cor­por­ated the "Joint Pro­tocol for reg­u­lat­ing the meas­ures de­signed to counter and con­tain the spread of Cov­id-19 in work­places"...