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Businesses deal with national and international tax issues on a daily basis, against an increasingly complex legal background. Complex economic and legal issues require timely and effective professional solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of clients. Our goal is to minimise tax risks while respecting the principles of professional ethics and applicable regulations.

The direct involvement of the most experienced professionals in every phase of assistance, a high level of specialisation, the tireless search for innovative solutions and the organisation of work in teams composed of both accountants and lawyers allow our Firm to acquire an in-depth knowledge of our clients and ensure the highest quality standards in every aspect of our work.

The professionalism of our partners and associates has made our Firm a respected, authoritative and reliable counterparty at all levels of tax administration, supporting clients during tax investigations, pre-litigation and litigation procedures.

Our tax practice:

  • Corporate tax law and direct taxation
  • VAT
  • International taxation
  • IP lifecycle
  • Tax risk management
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax implication driven by the digitalisation of the economy
  • Private clients
  • Tax disputes and controversies

Please reach out to any of our professionals to explore solutions to your tax needs.

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Corporate Tax Law
The activities our Firm carries out regarding tax issues involving companies include but are not limited tonational and international tax provisions a
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International Tax Planning
Our tax team has acquired significant experience in providing advice on income derived from international transactions, including activities carried b
Tax Litigation
We have long-lasting professional experience in tax disputes and controversies that allows us to represent companies in a broad spectrum of contentiou
Taxation of Individuals
We assist Italian and foreign clients in the tax aspects of asset management as well as in succession planning. Our professionals deal with complex ta
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Transfer Pricing
Our tax experts have extensive experience in dealing with the tax authorities of many countries in transfer pricing cases and in successfully bringing
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Our tax consultants support clients regarding the VAT regime applicable to:national and international transactionsimport and export transactionsIn add


Razion­alizza­zione e semplificazione delle norme in materia di adempimenti...
1.  Novità in tema di dichiarazioni fisc­ali1.1.     Revisione dei termini di presentazione delle dichiarazioni fiscali (art. 11)1.2.     Esclusione della decadenza dal beneficio in caso di mancata...
No white smoke on ATAD III proposal in 2023
As a reminder, on 22 December 2021, the European Commission issued its proposal for a directive to prevent the abuse of shell entities for tax purposes (ATAD III proposal). After several amendments, the...
Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism transition in effect since 1 October...
On 1 October 2023, a two-year transitional period began for implementation of Regulation (EU) 2023/956, which introduces the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). CBAM levies punitive CO2 charges...
Identification of the beneficial owner of Italian companies | What you...
As it is known, by 11 December 2023, all “enterprises having legal personality that must be registered in the Companies Register” (companies, legal persons, funds, trusts, trust companies, etc.) shall...
Restyling of the tax regime applicable for individuals transferring their...
Based on draft legislation approved by the Italian government on 16 October 2023, the tax relief for impatriate individuals (“the Impatriate regime”) may potentially be subject to a major overhaul...
Identification of the beneficial owner of Italian companies
As it is known, by 11 December 2023, all “enterprises having legal personality that must be registered in the Companies Register” (companies, legal persons, funds, trusts, trust companies, etc.) shall...
Italy country tax guide
1 Languages used by the local tax authorities  Italian (French and German are also used in some regions of northern Italy). As a general rule, documents in foreign language should be translated in Italian...
Doppio binario per l'applicazione del monitoraggio CFC
09/10/2023Il Fisco n. 38/2023Nel Modello di dichiarazione Redditi SC 2023 (periodo di imposta 2022) e nelle relative istruzioni si osser­va una significativa novità per ciò che riguarda il c.d. meccanismo...
DAC 8 Proposal approved by the European Parliament
BackgroundIn recent years, the crypto-asset landscape has steadily grown and has reshaped the world of payments and investments. Today such assets have an estimated market capitalization of USD 1.09 trillion...
The decision of the Supreme Court on the taxation of capital gains on “sig­ni­fic­ant...
The Supreme Court with the decision No. 21261 of 19 July 2023 has acknowledged the illegitimacy of the Italian tax regime applicable to capital gains deriving from the transfer for consideration of a...
Decreto Milleproroghe 2023: le principali novità in ambito fiscale e societario...
The occasional chartering of a pleasure yacht
Barche November 2022Let’s see the rules for the occasional rental of pleasure craft and the favorable tax regime established for those who intend to rent their own boat.Published on Barche Novem­ber...