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Sustainable Finance

Sustainability in the financial sector

The world around us changes at a fast pace. This is mainly due to developments of the climate change and the global population growth. These changes require us to adapt in order to ensure the future of our planet, people and profits. Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. Achieving this goal requires an active approach to sustainability from the whole financial sector.

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance is a rapidly growing sector, with international policy initiatives giving rise to changing attitudes in the investment and lending community, including financial institutions such as banks. Sustainability encourages them to frame decisions in terms of environmental, social, and human impact for the long term rather than for short term. This requires them to consider more factors than simply the immediate profit or loss involved.

Financial institutions could position themselves in a variety of ways regarding sustainability. They cannot be silent as diminishing resources and tighter sustainability regulations impact their clients and their ability to pay off debts. Also, the financing of sustainable developments and activities offers a range of new opportunities and clients will expect their bank to reflect on their own approach to sustainability.

How can we help

At CMS we are committed to support clients implementing sustainable business practice. As such we have developed a new cross-disciplinary 'Sustainable Finance' approach which spans regulatory, finance, corporate and energy specialists. Our holistic approach to ESG and climate action draws on specialists from across the firm to advise you.

  • Market-leading experience in sectors aligned to green finance such as renewables, ESG funds, green real estate finance and infrastructure deals.
  • Advice on the structuring of green finance and impact investment.
  • Market-leading financial regulatory advice on EU and national legislation and guidance on sustainability.
  • Advice and auditing of ESG risks, reporting and opportunities.


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