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With our specialists we look at the opportunities and challenges that cross your path. We examine how blockchain will change the financial services industry. We study the legal frameworks and the ethical aspects of using big data. Or the unique powers of artificial intelligence. When it comes to examining and understanding these developments we are in the vanguard. Because we want to understand and control all aspects that determine your success. That is why we are so eager to obtain new insights. And we always want you to benefit from it. Therefore we want to help you to find innovative solutions. And therefore we work together with you in order to create the solution that is commercially the best for your organization.

CMS' multidisciplinary team has ‘deep knowledge of content and consumer regulation in the Netherlands’

The Legal500 EMEA, 2022

The strategic insights were invaluable.

The Legal 500 EMEA 2021

Always available, fast responses and pragmatic advice.

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2021

They've been very good, professional, extremely diligent and precise about the details. We benefit a lot from their willingness to think creatively and to find creative solutions.

Chambers FinTech Legal, 2021

‘CMS combines in-depth legal knowledge with an equally in-depth understanding of new technologies, in this case of blockchain and zero-knowledge proofs. Our digital product was not only assessed by CMS, but was also improved in the exchange of thoughts and ideas with the law firm. This not only ensured the required legal check, but also resulted in a quality boost for the project.’

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2020

CMS is recommended for its 'in-depth knowledge of new technologies' in tandem with providing expert advice on data privacy and protection in areas as diverse as life sciences, energy and sports.

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2020

Team members take 'the time to listen and investigate the different possibilities' when advising on matters such as sponsorship and licensing, exploitation and enforcement of digital media rights, advertising, and IP infringement.

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2020

CMS provides comprehensive expertise in IT-related transactions, software licensing issues and disputes to local and international clients. It is notably active in the public transport, energy, smart buildings and healthcare software sectors, and also assists with AI and blockchain matters.

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2020

"They go out of their way to offer outstanding client-centred advice."

Chambers Global, 2020

"The firm has been very good, not just with services and quality but also efficient regarding the issues we farmed out to its other offices."

Chambers Global, 2020

"We consult CMS quite a bit on open banking, tokenisation and DLT. They're a little different to other law firms in that they have a deeper understanding of the tech."

Chambers FinTech, 2020

"They're high up on the list of good technology practices in the areas of blockchain and AI."

Chambers FinTech, 2020

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Blockchain & Smart Contracts
CMS invests in innovative developments that influence our services as well as your enterprise. Even when we do not know what the outcome of the innova
Data Protection & Privacy
The Cybersecurity & Privacy Team of CMS Netherlands has a long standing practical experience of advising Dutch and international clients on cybersecur
The sports world requires specialist legal services. Sports clubs, associations and individual sportsmen and women may require assistance in a highly
Telecommunications affect our daily lives. The increasing convergence of technologies and applications will cause this influence to grow further in th
Token­ized As­sets: Pur­pose Built As­set Token Block­chains
Jo­chem Ger­rit­sen, Dir­ect­or of In­float, is spe­cial­ised in toke­nom­ics, token­ized busi­ness mod­els and se­cur­ity tokens. In this pod­cast Jo­chem will dis­cuss wheth­er there is a need for block­chains that are...
CMS Ex­pert Guide to 5G
A glob­al over­view
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EU ad­opts NIS2 Dir­ect­ive to en­hance cy­ber­se­cur­ity and re­si­li­ence
The NIS2 will provide the frame­work for cy­ber­se­cur­ity risk man­age­ment meas­ures and re­port­ing ob­lig­a­tions in spe­cified sec­tors, such as en­ergy, trans­port, health, and di­git­al in­fra­struc­ture. Fur­ther­more...
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Schrems II – Neth­er­lands
1. Re­quire­ments for data trans­fers us­ing SCC SCC are still a val­id basis for data trans­fer to third coun­tries, provided that an equi­val­ent level of pro­tec­tion can be guar­an­teed. Ref­er­ence is made...
Glob­al Life Sci­ences & Health­care For­um 2022: Fa­cing the op­por­tun­it­ies...
Di­git­al ad­vances and in­nov­at­ive ther­apies are push­ing the bound­ar­ies of health and the leg­al world has to keep pace Life sci­ences are fizz­ing with in­genu­ity and in­nov­a­tion with re­volu­tion­ary gene and...
EU Com­mis­sion pro­poses to mod­ern­ise product li­ab­il­ity rules for green and...
Cur­rent product li­ab­il­ity rules, based on the 85/374/EGK Product Li­ab­il­ity Dir­ect­ive (PLD), are nearly 40 years old and no longer suit­able for the mod­ern di­git­al age. Among oth­er things, the PLD is un­cer­tain...
Data pro­tec­tion and cy­ber­se­cur­ity laws in Neth­er­lands
Data pro­tec­tion 1. Loc­al data pro­tec­tion laws and scope Gen­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion ("GDPR") (Alge­mene Ver­or­den­ing Gegevens­bes­cherm­ing)The Dutch GDPR Im­ple­ment­a­tion Act ("DGIA") (Uit­vo­er­ing­swet...
5 things you need to know about the DSA in less than 10 minutes!
Oc­to­ber fin­ished with the long-awaited ad­op­tion and pub­lic­a­tion (on the 27th) of the Di­git­al Ser­vices Act (DSA). Al­low us to de­mys­ti­fy the key points of the DSA for you. The DSA is a new leg­al frame­work...
Of­com changes its ap­proach to net neut­ral­ity: how the UK might spear­head...
Over the course of the last 12 months, a num­ber of im­port­ant de­vel­op­ments in net neut­ral­ity have taken place at EU level: cer­tain pre­lim­in­ary rul­ings res­ul­ted in the European body of telco reg­u­lat­or...
Di­git­al Mar­kets Act (DMA) comes in­to force on 1 Novem­ber 2022
The Di­git­al Mar­ket Act (DMA) was pub­lished in the Of­fi­cial Journ­al of the European Uni­on on 12 Oc­to­ber, and it will enter in­to force on 1 Novem­ber. Large di­git­al plat­forms that of­fer core plat­form ser­vices...
Neth­er­lands draft law cre­ates in­vest­ment ob­lig­a­tions for do­mest­ic au­di­ovisu­al...
On 18 Ju­ly 2022, the Dutch gov­ern­ment sub­mit­ted a bill to par­lia­ment, which in­tro­duces an ob­lig­a­tion for ma­jor video-on-de­mand ser­vices to in­vest a per­cent­age of their rel­ev­ant turnover gen­er­ated in the...
European data board re­com­mends re­form­ing leg­al frame­work for in­tro­duc­tion...
On 10 Oc­to­ber 2022, the European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB) ad­op­ted a state­ment on the design choices for a di­git­al euro from the pri­vacy and data pro­tec­tion per­spect­ive, stat­ing that its shares the...
Com­mis­sion to pro­pose EU-wide le­gis­la­tion on cross-bor­der in­stant pay­ments
In its 2020 Re­tail Pay­ments Strategy, the Com­mis­sion con­firmed its goal of fos­ter­ing the full take up of in­stant pay­ments in the EU. Between 10 March 2021 and 7 April 2021, the Com­mis­sion held a pub­lic...
Com­mis­sion pro­poses land­mark new rules on li­ab­il­ity for AI sys­tems
On 28 Septem­ber 2022, the European Com­mis­sion pro­posed the draft AI Li­ab­il­ity Dir­ect­ive (AILD Draft) on ad­apt­ing non-con­trac­tu­al civil li­ab­il­ity rules to ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence as a po­ten­tial solu­tion...