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CMS in the Netherlands to one location in 2022


CMS in the Netherlands will be operating solely from the Amsterdam office as of, at the latest, September 2022. The Utrecht and Amsterdam offices will therefore be merged. This decision marks an important next step in our development and position as an international firm.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth new perspectives on the current hybrid way of working. Although we cherish our history in Utrecht, given our future ambitions, we look at Amsterdam as the centre for our business.

Managing partner Willem Hoorneman: "Throughout the past 100 years, CMS has been in multiple locations in the Netherlands. We have continuously strived towards working more centralised, and the decision to work only in our Amsterdam office matches our positioning as an international firm, as well as our vision on the hybrid way of working. We are convinced that working from home will continue to be important in our society in the future and our employees share this vision. The Amsterdam office will mostly function as a central meeting place which will enhance the company culture."

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Portrait of Willem Hoorneman
Willem Hoorneman
Managing Partner