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CMS launches data breach app

22 October 2020

CMS launches its Breach Assistant app, a technology platform that gives businesses affected by a potential data breach or other cyber incident a headstart during the first critical hours.

CMS has developed the app in collaboration with experts who have been at the heart of advising on privacy laws for years, including former regulators. It consolidates all the information and resources a business needs to respond to a breach. The app contains information spanning relevant laws in more than 70 countries, offers useful check lists and enables the user to call for help from the nearest specialist using an 'emergency button'. After an initial beta version, the app now has a free and premium version available in the App Store for iOS and Android.

Risking fines

Prompt response and action is essential and typically required within the first few hours after a breach has been detected, but businesses are often unsure of how they should respond to the incident. This is clear from CMS’s GDPR enforcement tracker, the world’s only free database of publicly announced fines issued under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The database contains a number of fines issued due to not fulfilling the breach notification obligations and due to insufficient information security. Breaches and failures are often not, untimely or inaccurately reported, which combined with companies' weak responses to these issues indicates a lack of compliance and information security.

This app is a great addition to our cyber risk management service. Our teams are on stand-by 24/7 to instantly deliver worldwide aid during cyber incidents. The Breach Assistant makes our service even more responsive and offers the user a compass to navigate the legal landscape from the very first minute of being confronted with a cyber incident.
Erik Jonkman

Damage and risk mitigation

Emma Burnett, project lead, said: "Despite GDPR having been in play for more than two years, uncertainty still exists around compliance with the law and risk mitigation. It is now becoming increasingly obvious that the businesses falling at the first hurdle and failing to bring in regulators from the outset can be disproportionately damaged in the long run, both financially and reputationally."

Legal technology innovation

Duncan Weston, Executive Partner of CMS, added: "At CMS, being at the forefront of legal technology innovation runs through our DNA. Earlier this year, we saw the launch of open industry platform Lupl, which will fundamentally improve collaboration within the sector. The launch of Breach Assistant is our latest example that demonstrates our commitment to equipping businesses with the best tools available to stay ahead of legal issues and trends that are set to define the next decade."