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Petra Heemskerk


Atrium - Parnassusweg 737
1077 DG Amsterdam
PO Box 94700
1090 GS Amsterdam
Languages English, Dutch

Petra Heemskerk is a lawyer in our Real Estate & Construction Practice Group. She has broad experience in European Law and Procurement Law. In addition, she is the lead partner of the mobility sector, that focuses on mobility in a general sense and has a special focus on ACE (self-driving vehicles), MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and mobility and infrastructure.

In the field of procurement law Petra assists both contracting authorities and tendering companies. She focuses on the preventive assessment of tender processes, co-editing of tender documents and she also represents clients in tendering disputes. In addition, she advises on public-private partnerships.

In the field of mobility the experience of Petra and the mobility team is broad. Within the group, various legal fields come together and the team deals with a diverse range of subjects: from privacy issues to competition law challenges and from smart contracts and blockchain to contracting new city concepts. It is precisely in this area that Petra focuses on the support of start-ups and is involved in innovative concepts that demand out-of-the-box input.

Petra worked as a lecturer on procurement law for the Dutch Association for Purchasing Management (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Inkoopmanagement). She is a member of the editorial staff of the magazine Construction Law (Bouwrecht) and she is a teacher at the Grotius Academy. She is also board member at the Dutch Association for Procurement Law (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht). Petra works as a deputy judge at the court of Rotterdam.

Prior to joining CMS in 2006, from 1997 to 2006 Petra worked at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn.

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Petra Heemskerk is recommended.

The Legal 500, 2019

The 'outstanding' Petra Heemskerk is widely recommended for procurement.

Legal 500, 2018

"Her in-depth knowledge of public tender law. Her sparkling personality."

Acritas Stars, 2018


  • Dutch Law (Private and Criminal Law), Leiden University
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