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Kluge joins CMS

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Kluge Advokatfirma joins forces with the top global law firm CMS. CMS currently has 79 offices in 44 countries and employs more than 5 000 lawyers worldwide.

"Our clients increasingly expect that we can provide seamless legal advice on cross-border matters. By joining CMS Kluge further improves its ability to support clients on international matters," says Bjørnar Alterskjær, Managing Partner in Kluge.

CMS and Kluge have strong synergies within energy, as well as M&A and technology, which provide significant opportunities for cross-border advisory and transaction work for both firms. Supporting clients as they navigate the ESG agenda and the journey to net zero carbon and clean energy is of vital importance to both firms and will form a large part of their continued growth.

CMS currently has 79 offices in 44 countries and employs more than 5 000 lawyers worldwide.

"Joining CMS with its unique collaborative structure means that Kluge can strengthen its international capabilities, a natural next step of its 100-year legacy," Alterskjær adds.

Presence in Norway and developing a Nordic platform
CMS’ strategy is to join forces with a local partner with a deep local market understanding, and with the help of Kluge – developing a strong Nordic platform.

Kluge was established in Stavanger in 1923. The company currently holds offices in Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen and Hamar, and is established among the leading Norwegian law firms.

"Our clients see Norway as a major opportunity since it’s a highly successful export-oriented economy, with an increased focus towards renewable energy and more sustainable business. Many CMS clients are already active in the region, so building a presence there is a natural step for us. Also, clients in Norway will now have full access to CMS, one of the top global legal organisations," says Matthias Lichtblau, CMS Executive Director.

«CMS Kluge»

With onboarding expected to be complete by October, Kluge will henceforth be known as CMS Kluge.

Kluge will continue with the same management and ownership model as today, but under the name CMS Kluge. Kluge will be able to efficiently draw upon a large pool of highly specialised resources within IT, technology- and competence development, and get access to thousands of CMS lawyers worldwide.

"New technology will have a huge impact in how legal services will be provided to clients in the future. By joining a large global law firm such as CMS, Kluge will be in a position to invest in and utilize the best available legal technology for the benefit of the clients," says Bjørnar Alterskjær.

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