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Antitrust, Competition and Trade Lawyers

Competition and regulatory authorities now possess far-reaching powers to investigate companies and commercial arrangements, prohibit M&A deals, force divestment of merged businesses, review markets and impose penalties. There is the additional risk of private enforcement such as substantial (follow-on) antitrust damages claims. Being compliant and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies is key. We focus not only on problem solving but also on how you can avoid problems in the first place.

The CMS Competition Group has more than 170 competition lawyers in 36 cities in 30 countries. Our competition lawyers has extensive experience in helping navigate these difficult paths so that you can focus on your business. We have in-depth knowledge of competition rules across different countries and markets.

Sheena Jacob
Sheena Jacob
Sheena is a leading Asian regional technology lawyer with a strong cybersecurity, media, privacy and fintech practice at CMS Holborn Asia. Holding double international privacy certifications from the...