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Competition authorities and regulators have extensive powers to control mergers and acquisitions, investigate commercial agreements and penalize anticompetitive agreements and practices, review markets and impose fines. These regulations can have serious consequences, including financial and reputational, for all types of organizations and their employees. 

Likewise, every day disputes are more frequent translated into compliance with the legal provisions of unfair competition between companies, which may end in compensation or restrictions on the operation of companies.

Contemporary economic development in countries with a capital or market structure is critically supported in the need to guarantee transparent and dynamic schemes where entrepreneurs compete with each other to gain participation through the supply of goods and services of the best quality and quality. the best price. 

At CMS Rodríguez-Azuero we advise our clients in all areas of competition law, particularly in cases where their interests are affected or at risk by unfair or illegal practices, as well as when they want to explore and make alliances and integrations that do not unfairly affect markets, consortiums, distribution agreements, agreements that include horizontal and vertical restrictions, significant market power and its abuse, control of concentrations, private application, inquiries and compliance. We also represent our clients in investigations, litigations or lawsuits where their actions as competitors are investigated.

In this area, which really deals with the law of markets, we also advice companies regarding consumers law.

The International CMS Competition Group is one of the largest global competition teams. We offer our clients a comprehensive solution to all their needs in the field of competition law throughout the world.

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