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Antitrust, Competition & Trade

Contemporary economic development in countries with a capital or market structure is critically supported in the need to guarantee transparent and dynamic schemes where entrepreneurs compete to gain participation under fair and competitive acts and conditions.

 Therefore, competition authorities and regulators control mergers and acquisitions, investigate commercial agreements and penalize anticompetitive agreements and practices, review markets and impose fines. These regulations can have serious consequences for all market participants that are translated into frequent disputes regarding compliance of the legal provisions of unfair competition between companies, which may end in compensation or restrictions on the operations or transactions between companies.

 At CMS Rodríguez-Azuero we advise our clients in all areas of competition law, including consumer protection, particularly in cases where their interests are affected or at risk by unfair or illegal practices, as well as when they want to explore and make alliances and integrations that do not unfairly affect markets, consortiums, distribution agreements, agreements that include horizontal and vertical restrictions, significant market power and its abuse, control of concentrations, private application, inquiries and compliance. We also represent our clients in investigations, litigations or lawsuits where their actions as competitors are investigated. Practical, and sometimes innovative, solutions need to be found in a fast-moving commercial context.

 The International CMS Competition Group is one of the largest global competition teams. We offer our clients a comprehensive solution to all their needs, including technology apps, in the field of competition law throughout the world.


Breach of con­tract and un­fair com­pet­i­tion: How to pick the bet­ter choice?
It is not un­usu­al for the same fac­tu­al cir­cum­stance to trig­ger more than one means of ju­di­cial re­lief -or even through an ad­min­is­trat­ive au­thor­ity's ac­tions-, and this is one of those events.The free...
Changes on the Colom­bi­an com­pet­i­tion re­gime
Law 2195 of 2022, en­acted on Janu­ary 18, which ad­opts meas­ures re­gard­ing trans­par­ency, pre­ven­tion and fight against cor­rup­tion, in­tro­duced changes to sev­er­al laws, in­clud­ing Law 1340 of 2009, which es­tab­lishes...
Some thoughts on the age of con­sent around Chin­a's new per­son­al data pro­tec­tion...
On Au­gust 20, the Xin­hua agency (of­fi­cial news agency of the Re­pub­lic of China) an­nounced the ap­prov­al of the "Per­son­al In­form­a­tion Pro­tec­tion Law (PIPL)". This law, ac­cord­ing to the state me­dia and the...
La SIC fija val­or de la tasa a pagar por trámites de con­trol de in­teg­ra­ciones...
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An­ti­trust and con­sumer law in times of pan­dem­ic
As the first COV­ID-19 cases were an­nounced in Colom­bia, we saw in awe as cer­tain goods (such as masks or hand san­it­izer) began to be­come un­avail­able in the mar­ket, or how their prices rose to ex­cess­ive...
Sta­bil­isa­tion and re­struc­tur­ing law in Colom­bia
1. Which fin­an­cial (not tax or la­bour) short-term com­pens­a­tion schemes for im­me­di­ate losses due to so­cial dis­tan­cing meas­ures have been im­ple­men­ted? For which in­dus­tries/sizes of busi­ness? As a res­ult...
An­ti­trust law and le­gis­la­tion in Colom­bia dur­ing Cov­id-19
1. In­tro­duc­tion Colom­bia’s Gov­ern­ment de­clared on March 17 a State of Eco­nom­ic, So­cial and Eco­lo­gic­al Emer­gency for thirty (30) days. A few days later, along­side said meas­ure, in­struc­ted a man­dat­ory...
Di­vorce between Per­son­al Data and Com­pet­i­tion Law
The an­nounced mar­riage between Per­son­al Data and Com­pet­i­tion Law arising from the de­cision of the Ger­man Com­pet­i­tion Au­thor­ity seems dis­solved after the de­cision of the Dus­sel­dorf Re­gion­al Su­per­i­or Court...
CMS Com­pet­i­tion Con­tact Card
The CMS Com­pet­i­tion Group has more than 180 com­pet­i­tion law­yers in 48 cit­ies in 34 coun­tries, mak­ing it one of the largest com­pet­i­tion teams in Europe. We can read­ily bol­ster our teams with com­pet­i­tion...