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The new world of work in Croatia

COVID-19 and protective measures put in place in response to the pandemic have compelled businesses in countries around the world – including Croatia – to adopt a new vision for employment. One such innovation is work from home.

Months after the pandemic began, home-office remote work has proven so effective, it could become a fixture of our post-pandemic future. But remote work raises a host of legal and administrative challenges. This publication – based on the 2 February 2021 webinar The Future is Now: The New World of Work in Croatia and hosted by Marija Zrno Prošić (a data protection expert) and Mia Kalajdžić (an employment expert) with CMS Croatia – explores the impact of homeworking on the traditional office environment for both workers and companies. Read the article, listen to the podcast and watch webinar recording on this topic below.


The Future is Now: The new world of work in Croatia


Listen to the global CMS Employment podcast episode about the new world of work in Croatia. The speakers are discussing the following from both employment law and data protection perspectives:

  • Work from home vs office
  • Staff mobility 
  • New health and safety measures
  • Digitalization: impact of technology on roles and work

Language: English 
Speakers: Mia Kalajdžić and Marija Zrno Prošić 

Webinar recording

The Future is Now: The new World of Work in Croatia


Marija Zrno Prošić
Marija Zrno Prošić
Mia Kalajdžić
Mia Kalajdžić