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State Aid Law Firm in Slovakia

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We advise public authorities as well as private and public companies on all aspects of state aid rules within the EU and in all countries that have also introduced legal regimes to control subsidies (including the UK post-Brexit). We help businesses get the most out of state aid in their dealings with state authorities and represent their interests in all state aid proceedings before the European Commission, EU courts, national courts and other relevant national authorities. We advise public authorities at all levels (federal governments, regions, municipalities) in connection with their public investments (capital injections, public loans, guarantees, land sales, etc.), decisions to grant individual aid, the establishment of state aid schemes and assist them - often also in the interests of our private clients - in notifications to the European Commission. We have advised a number of governments in Europe on the establishment of large State aid schemes with a total budget of several billion euros and/or on support measures based on these schemes and on case-by-case support (e.g. rescue and restructuring aid). 

We support private companies in the context of their state aid strategies, e.g. in the context of the Green Deal or in the context of state-funded initiatives to make the economy more resilient. We are also familiar with the specific requirements of the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI). Lawyers in our team have sector-leading expertise in state aid in the agriculture, automotive, aviation, banking, energy, TMC and transport sectors.  

We are also active in the area of financial support provided directly by the EU and its institutions and represent our clients' interests in negotiations with and proceedings before the European Commission and the EU Courts.