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A new Collective Agreement for Slovenia’s Metal and Foundry Industry


The representatives of employers (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Association of Employers of Slovenia) and trade unions of metal and electro industry concluded a new collective agreement for the metal and foundry industry in the mid-October. The collective agreement was concluded for a permanent term and applies to all workers employed with the members of signatories, which perform as their core activity one of the metal production activities listed in the collective agreement.

The collective agreement is partly aligned with the new Employment Relationship Act adopted in the middle of 2013 and thus introduces a number of novelties and changes compared to the previous collective agreement from 2006. Among other, the collective agreement as of 2015 further reduces the number of days of the annual holiday. Moreover, the collective agreement regulates anew the possibility of apprenticeship, enables additional reasons for concluding fixed-term employment contracts, adds new possibilities for and extends the duration of the institute of ordering the performance of other work, in line with the new legislation simplifies the termination of employment, lays down contract suspension in the case of inability to work determined by a certified occupational medicine specialist, changes the length of seniority allowance by linking it to the last employer and changes the amounts of minimum base wages and holiday allowance.