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Portrait of Greg Sibbald

Greg Sibbald


Level 15 Burj Daman
Dubai International Financial Centre
PO Box 506873
United Arab Emirates
Languages English

Greg is a Partner within the CMS Infrastructure, Construction and Energy (ICE) Disputes team, based in Dubai. 

He advises on commercial disputes with a focus on engineering and construction disputes across the Middle East including the UAE, Oman and the KSA. He is recognised in the Legal 500 EMEA as a “Leading Individual” in Construction. 

Greg has assisted clients in resolving disputes in relation to some of the region’s largest infrastructure projects in arbitrations under DIAC, DIFC-LCIA, ADCCAC and the ICC as well as in relation to local court proceedings and other forms of dispute resolution. He also acts as project counsel primarily for contractors throughout the duration of their projects in order to mitigate risk and to resolve disputes at an early stage. 

Greg also regularly acts on behalf of clients in resolving general commercial disputes (non construction and engineering) and in doing so works with local advocates in order to represent clients in local court proceedings.

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Relevant experience

  • A contractor in relation to claims arising out of a metro project in the KSA. 
  • A dispute between two joint venture parties in relation to an EPC contract in connection with a power process plant in the KSA.
  • Project counsel for a joint venture in relation to the construction of a railway in the UAE. 
  • A government entity in defending a final account claim in a DIAC arbitration in relation to an international airport terminal in the UAE.
  • A design consultant in defending claims arising out of a fire at a high-rise hotel in the UAE. 
  • A contractor in a DIFC-LCIA arbitration in relation to failures in a dewatering system constructed as part of the enabling works package of a large residential development in the UAE.
  • Project counsel for an international contractor in relation to various projects in the UAE including hotels, malls and office developments.
  • A contractor in relation to a final account dispute arising out of the design and construction of the infrastructure works for a theme park development in the UAE. 
  • A contractor in various disputes in Oman for delay and associated costs in a number of major infrastructure projects, including Ministry projects. 
  • A contractor regarding a termination claim under an EPC contract in relation to an onshore oil and gas terminal in Oman. 
  • An engineering consultancy firm in relation to a defects claim in connection with a wastewater development in Oman. 
  • A contractor in relation to disputes arising out of an EPC contract in relation to a gas compression and produced water transfer system in Oman. 
  • A contractor in relation to the negotiation of a FIDIC based contract regarding the construction of a large infrastructure project in Egypt. 
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2008 - Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, the Glasgow Graduate School of Law, Glasgow.

2007 - LLB Hons, University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

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