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Energy Disputes

United Kingdom

International energy companies operate in a complex and challenging environment. Investments in the energy sector are often high-value, high-risk transactions involving projects that rely on cutting edge technology. In addition to the technical challenges in this heavily regulated industry, the progressive development of reserves and infrastructure around the globe, and the need for ongoing geographic diversification, have exposed energy companies to increased legal and political risk. In such an environment, despite best business practices, disputes may be unavoidable.

When disputes occur, energy companies expect their lawyers to be true specialists that understand the industry. The Energy Disputes Team focuses entirely on advising and representing clients in the energy sector. Their experience covers all forms of dispute resolution, including international arbitration (both commercial and investor-state), litigation (either of the underlying dispute or in support of arbitral proceedings), expert determination, adjudication and mediation.

CMS is consistently ranked in the Global Arbitration Review ‘GAR30’ of the world’s busiest international arbitration practices and ranked by Legal Week in 2015 in the top 10 litigation firms by revenue. The Energy Disputes Team has a recognised expertise and track record in high value and complex international arbitration and litigation in the energy sector.

As trusted advisers to numerous international energy companies, our energy disputes offering is truly global. We advise clients across the world, from the UK to South America to the Far East. We have significant recent experience in regions such as continental Europe, sub-Saharan Africa (for example, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Madagascar, Nigeria), North Africa (including Algeria, Egypt, Morroco, Tunisia), the Russian Federation, the Middle East (including extensive experience in Iraq) and Brazil.

Project Advisory and Risk Management

The team also offers a ‘Project Advisory and Risk Management’ service - offering advice on how to avoid disputes at every stage of the lifecycle for major energy projects. As the legal, contractual and regulatory environment in which major projects are delivered becomes ever more complex, proactive management of risk has become a critical part of delivery strategies. 

Our team provides flexible support to help you maximise opportunities and manage time, cost and quality risks that have the potential to impact the successful outcome of a project. This early intervention by our team minimises your risk of a costly dispute, protecting your reputation and your relationship with clients. 

Our services include analysis of documentation and procedures, producing proforma documents and communication strategies, delivery of teach-in workshops to project delivery and commercial teams, regular project surgeries and risk review workshops, telephone helpline providing real-time project advice and post completion reviews.

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"It is a confident and user-friendly team which roundly produces top-quality, commercial advice in tune with the business timescales we are working to.”

Chambers, 2018
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