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Construction & Engineering Disputes

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At CMS, we strive to spend more time looking outward at your world than inward at ours. As a leading and trusted adviser to the construction and engineering sectors, we aim to give you an advantage today by anticipating your challenges of tomorrow.

Our dedicated construction and engineering disputes team understands the particular commercial, technical and regulatory environment of the industry in which you work. We are focused on resolving disputes arising in these sectors, giving us a uniquely enhanced knowledge of your world and an unrivalled experience of resolving the kinds of disputes that arise in the commercial context these industries.

The team specialises in all forms of dispute management, avoidance and resolution including expert determination, adjudication, mediation, litigation and international arbitration (LCIA, ICC, UNCITRAL, DIAC and others).

The team is consistently ranked in the Global Arbitration Review as one of the world’s busiest international arbitration practices, we are experts in helping clients avoid formal disputes. So whether you foresee a problem arising and would like some guidance on the best course to steer, or whether you face litigation, international arbitration or other forms of dispute resolution, you are in safe hands with us.

Project Advisory and Risk Management

The team also offers a ‘Project Advisory and Risk Management’ service - offering advice on how to avoid disputes at every stage of the lifecycle for major construction and engineering projects. As the legal, contractual and regulatory environment in which major projects are delivered becomes ever more complex, proactive management of risk has become a critical part of delivery strategies.

Our team provides flexible support to help you maximise opportunities and manage time, cost and quality risks that have the potential to impact the successful outcome of a project. This early intervention by our team minimises your risk of a costly dispute, protecting your reputation and your relationship with clients.

Our services include analysis of documentation and procedures, producing proforma documents and communication strategies, delivery of teach-in workshops to project delivery and commercial teams, regular project surgeries and risk review workshops, telephone helpline providing real-time project advice and post completion reviews.

"The lawyers at CMS appreciate the need to contextualise their advice. We want to be told what the answer is, and CMS avoids sitting on the fence."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

"A 'fantastic group' and 'a team in which everyone is playing to their own excellent strengths'."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

"CMS provides an exceptional service in terms of legal analysis, prompt and efficient working and managing a highly complex matter while at the same time doing everything possible to assist the client in reaching a sensible compromise."

Legal 500, 2020

"The team combines an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry together with commercial pragmatism."

Legal 500, 2020

"Great client base and cover all aspects of construction law both domestically and internationally."

Legal 500, 2020

"CMS are undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable construction teams to work with. They are talented, user friendly, dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable."

Legal 500, 2020

"It is a confident and user-friendly team which roundly produces top-quality, commercial advice in tune with the business timescales we are working to.”

Chambers, 2018
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