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As someone looking for advocacy advice, it is essential you get seamless legal representation, efficiency, accessibility and speed.

CMS has extensive advocacy experience in courts and tribunals across the United Kingdom on a broad range of matters. These include commercial contracts, construction and engineering, oil and gas, employment, fatal accident inquiries, judicial review, personal injury and property damage, planning and consenting, and public procurement.

Our counsel work as part of the Disputes Team, operating as one. This way our clients receive the benefits of both counsel and lawyers.

"A first-class team packed with talented individuals at all levels of seniority that blend together well to operate as effective teams, delivering good outcomes for clients."

Legal 500, 2024
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CMS International Construction Study 2024
In recent years, construction and engineering businesses have faced a whole storm of headwinds. CMS, in partnership with YouGov, asked in-house lawyers about the biggest challenges of managing disputes in this environment - and how those challenges can be met.   Sixty-second summaryThe evolving nature of construction risk will see changes to standard contracts and negotiation positions. It may also bring more disputes, particularly where those changes lag behind project realities. Fewer than half the businesses we surveyed reported that the in-house legal or contract management team is always consulted at the start of a project to identify areas of risk and to establish appropriate risk management strategies. Most in-house lawyers believe their businesses could improve the way in which risk is managed during projects - often in a number of important ways. Despite the potential benefits, only 17% of the in-house lawyers we surveyed are using AI in disputes or contract management. Some say they will never use it. Most in-house lawyers believe their businesses have a lot of scope to improve the way that project risks are managed. AI has the potential to be a game-changer in this area by optimising processes, planning, scheduling and other elements of case management and by revolutionising the way a business handles its portfolio of contracts. 
Protection from protests
Protest on the streets, protest online, even litigation used as a vehicle for protest. Protestors targeting a business may be standing in a crowd, holding a placard or shouting slogans. But they may also be behind a computer screen or pursuing a claim against the business through the courts. They may even be working inside the business, preparing to compromise its systems or leak confidential information. Whether they are activists, employees or customers, all these protestors may present a substantial challenge and a real threat to businesses, in areas including its security, reputation and bottom line. 
Privilege: What you need to know
Privilege is an important, and complex, issue that arises in contexts ranging from investigations and expert reports, to multi-party litigation and settlement negotiations, as well as day-to-day com­mu­nic­a­tions...
Disputes digest
Welcome to our Spring edition of Disputes Digest. In this edition, we look back at 2016 and summarise the key litigation and arbitration cases of 2016 for corporate counsel to be aware of. We also...
Disputes digest
Welcome to the fourth edition of Disputes Digest, featuring commentary and analysis on the latest developments in dispute resolution across the UK and beyond. Over the summer, the debate over the legal...
Disputes Digest - current legal issues affecting the market
This edition contains updates and commentary on a range of issues, including articles on the High Court’s ‘Financial List’ which is now up and running, current trends in pensions litigation, key...