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Private Clients Law Firm & Legal Services in Austria

We offer comprehensive advisory services in this field to company owners, senior management, wealthy individuals and their families, banks, asset managers and family companies. Our services cover the full legal spectrum, from corporate law and tax law, to family, property and succession law. We can also include private foundations and trusts in the scope of our proposed solutions. The CMS Private Client Group operates on a pan-European level and is set up to advise clients who operate globally and are looking for cross-border succession planning solutions.

We possess the relevant soft skills and specialist expertise required to produce a satisfactory solution for sensitive issues regarding the structuring of family assets, company succession or estate settlement.

CMS provides a range of services for the following areas: Legal and tax aspects of asset planning, contingency planning for your family, asset transfers to the coming generation, company restructuring to avoid succession problems, domestic or international foundation solutions, or M&A structures where there are no successors in the family, advice to heirs and persons receiving a compulsory inheritance share, dispute settlement or representation in litigation regarding inheritances or compulsory inheritance shares or disputes regarding corporate law matters.


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