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If you have a problem requiring legal action, our team can assist you in analysing risk, managing disputes and seeking constructive solutions in your best interests. CMS´s sector-focused lawyers are not just litigators or arbitration specialists but business-minded problem solvers. Using our global experience and local knowledge, we can safeguard your interests before state courts, arbitral tribunals and in alternative dispute resolution.

Dispute resolution law firm - in Europe and worldwide

We can handle your dispute across almost any European jurisdiction, obtain judicial assistance in foreign proceedings and deal with enforcement procedures for foreign judgements and arbitral awards.

If you want your dispute to stay out of court or arbitration, we can guide you tactically in achieving this. We routinely act in all business areas before state courts and as counsel in international and domestic arbitration proceedings. Our partners also regularly act as arbitrators.

A further risk you may face is the threat of an external investigation amid allegations of corporate wrongdoing. Our specialists can support you 24/7 through sensitive investigations by criminal and regulatory authorities, including negotiating settlements where appropriate.

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white collar crime
White-collar crime law
The meaning of white-collar crime law for companies. Entrepreneurial activity is ever more closely regulated by national and European provisions. Viol
CMS made it to the Arbitration Powerlist 2021 of Legal500
Array We are very proud of our arbitration team in Central and Eastern Europe who made it to the of Legal500! Congratulations to:


Justice in the Digital Age: Exploring AI’s Role in International Arbitration
IntroductionThe use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) in international arbitration has been a topic of debate and discussion long before the launch of chatbot ChatGPT in late November 2022.  Indisputably...
Oil & Gas Disputes Survey 2023
Our Oil and Gas Disputes Survey 2023 has highlighted that regulator activity, environmental issues and global economic and political challenges are seen by those in the oil & gas industry to be driving...
CMS Partner Sonja Otenhajmer joined the YAAP Advisory Board
Array We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sonja Otenhajmer to the Advisory Board of the Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP). YAAP welcomes Sonja not only for her extensive arbitration expertise, but also for her strong multicultural background and multilingualism, recognizing the valuable diversity and linguistic skills she brings to the organization. Array Founded in 2004, YAAP is an initiative of young lawyers interested in arbitration. YAAP aims to promote arbitration among young practitioners from different countries and professional backgrounds. YAAP provides a forum for young practitioners and academics to exchange ideas and build a professional network through various initiatives. YAAP organises, inter alia, regular conferences (including the Vienna Arbitration Days) and monthly YAAP Roundtables - a coffee house style discussion forum which enjoys great popularity among young lawyers practising in Austria and its neighboring countries. ​More abour
Hague 2019 and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments – a welcome...
UK Government confirms entry into Hague 2019On 23 November 2023 it was confirmed that the UK government will sign the Hague Convention of 2 July 2019 on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments...
CMS Life Sciences Vital Signs, Winter 2023
2023 has seen some significant legal developments impacting the life sciences industry, and as we look ahead to 2024, there are several important developments which we would like to keep our clients informed...
English Law Desk | CMS Austria pools expertise in English law in dedicated...
Array We are pleased to announce the launch of our English Law Desk. Our English Law Team focuses on English law governing finance and corporate/M&A transactions as well as dispute resolution. The team consists of highly qualified lawyers, among them CMS partners Marcell Clark, Alexander Rakosi and David Kohl as well as solicitor Anna Freund. Marcell Clark (Banking & Finance), Alexander Rakosi and David Kohl (both Corporate/M&A) and their teams have extensive expertise in advising on banking and finance as well as corporate/M&A transactions governed by English law, regularly working on some of the most important deals in the region. Anna Freund is an expert qualified in English law with extensive experience in handling litigation and arbitration in various industries. She recently joined CMS's dispute resolution team and contributes valuable expertise in English law governing dispute resolution practice.  The English law department of CMS Austria works with a wide range of internationally active clients, including banks, institutional and financial investors, corporations, industrial conglomerates, DFIs, debt funds, national and international development organisations, government institutions and public authorities.  We believe that the launch of our English Law Desk enables us to provide comprehensive and high-quality legal services to our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions. 
UPC – the “Long-arm” jurisdiction
UPC Long-arm jurisdictionWith the UPC set to open its doors on 1 June 2023, just how far might its reach extend?Unless a European patent has been opted out of the UPC, the national courts and the UPC...
UK Announces it will become a party to the Singapore Convention on Mediation
It has been announced that the UK will become a party to the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (the “Singapore Convention”), as an “important...
InterDigital v Lenovo – High Court sets global FRAND licence terms
The UK High Court has handed down its decision in the FRAND trial of the InterDigital v Lenovo litigation. It concerned InterDigital, an American company holding patents relevant to 3G, 4G and 5G technology...
Security for costs in enforcement proceedings in Germany – The German Federal...
Pursuant to Sec. 110 of the German Civil Procedure Code (ZPO), claimants who do not have their habitual place of residence in a member state of the EU/the EEA can be ordered to provide security for the...
Sunrise period of the Unified Patent Court to begin 1 March
After the final version of the UPC Rules of Procedure had been adopted and the judges of the UPC had been selected and appointed, the start of the Sunrise Period, originally planned for 1 January 2023...
CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz ernennt drei erfolgreiche Rechtsanwälte zu Partnern
Pressemitteilung - 02. Februar 2023 Array Die CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Rechtsanwälte GmbH leitet den Gen­er­a­tion­en­wech­sel ein und ernennt drei international erfahrene Wirtschaft­san­wälte zu neuen Partnern: Hans Lederer, Klaus Pateter und Arno Zimmermann erweitern ab 1. Februar 2023 den Partnerkreis der renommierten Wiener Recht­san­walts­sozi­etät. Hans Lederer ist auf Im­ma­ter­i­al­gü­ter­recht spezialisiert. Er verwaltet zahlreiche internationale Rechteportfolios und berät und vertritt seine Mandant:innen in Zusammenhang mit der Sicherung, Durchsetzung und Lizenzierung von Marken- und Designrechten. Er verfügt zudem über profunde Kenntnisse und langjährige Erfahrung in den Bereichen Urheberrecht und Per­sön­lich­keit­s­rechte, publiziert hierzu regelmäßig in Fachzeits­chriften und ist Gastvortragender an der FH Burgenland. Darüber hinaus berät er seine Mandant:innen in strategischen Fragen zum Patentrecht, insbesondere in Zusammenhang mit Di­en­sterfind­un­gen, und vertritt diese in streitigen Verfahren. Vor seiner Tätigkeit für CMS arbeitete Hans Lederer als Jurist und Projektmanager im Gen­er­alsek­ret­ari­at des Ös­ter­reichis­chen Roten Kreuzes. Klaus Pateter berät und vertritt seine internationalen Mandant:innen in den Bereichen IT-Recht, neue Technologien & digitale Assets, Datens­chutzrecht, Cybersecurity sowie Produkthaftung und Produkt­sich­er­heit. Zudem steht er Start-ups bei Aufbau und Finanzierung des Unternehmens – insbesondere im Bereich Venture Capital – zur Seite. Klaus Pateter leitet die Start-up Advisory Group von CMS Österreich sowie equIP, den renommierten Legal Accelerator von CMS für Start-ups. Klaus Pateter ist in Österreich und New York als Rechtsanwalt zugelassen. Arno Zimmermann berät Mandant:innen in streitigen Verfahren vor staatlichen und Schiedsgericht­en. Sein Schwerpunkt liegt auf gesell­schaft­s­recht­lichen Au­s­ein­ander­set­zun­gen zwischen Gesellschaftern sowie Gesellschaften und deren Organen. (Börsen­ori­entierte) Gesellschaften wenden sich an Arno Zimmermann auch regelmäßig zur Vorbereitung von Haupt- und Gesell­schafterver­sammlungen, sofern er Investoren in solchen vertritt. Darüber hinaus berät er regelmäßig Klient:innen in gesell­schaft­s­recht­lich anspruchsvollen Transaktionen im Venture Capital Bereich sowie bei gren­züber­s­chreit­enden Im­mob­i­li­en­tran­sak­tion­en. Arno Zimmermann ist Autor von mehr als 40 Publikationen in seinen Fachbereichen und regelmäßiger Vortragender. CMS Österreich hat eine führende Position in Mittel- und Südost-Europa und verfügt über Büros in Wien, Belgrad, Bratislava, Istanbul, Kiew, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Sarajewo, Skopje, Sofia und Zagreb. Mit den neuen Partnern werden die Kernkompetenzen des Hauses weiter ausgebaut und das Know-how im Technologie- und Start-up-Bereich stärker in den Fokus gerückt. Günther Hanslik, Managing Partner bei CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz: „Unsere Kanzlei steht für fachliche Kompetenz, internationale Expertise und nachhaltige Stabilität. Die große Mehrzahl unserer Mandant:innen beraten und betreuen wir über viele Jahre. Dabei geben wir ihnen Sicherheit und Orientierung und unterstützen sie nicht zuletzt bei der Umsetzung innovativer Zukunftsthemen. Mit unserer zielgerichteten Nachwuchs¬arbeit stellen wir sicher, dass diese wertvolle Expertise auch an die nächste Generation weitergegeben wird und CMS ihren Mandant:innen auch in Zukunft als verlässlicher und vertrauensvoller Partner zur Seite stehen kann. Wir freuen uns daher sehr, dass wir mit Hans Lederer, Klaus Pateter und Arno Zimmermann drei hochqual­i­f­iz­ierte und engagierte Anwälte in unserer Partnerschaft begrüßen dürfen.“