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International law firm for labour law

The labour market is dynamic, and so is Austrian labour law – recently, new short time schemes, the rise of importance in home-office and remote working as well as the latest changes in working time laws are a few examples of some major changes in labour law. European regulations are also increasing in importance. Our labour law lawyers have the necessary expertise and experience to provide bespoke advice and to ensure that your company continues successfully deal with all employment challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Labour law: local and international legal expertise

Our international team of legal experts is ready to assist you in all national and  transnational matters if required – our comprehensive know-how in employment law is confirmed year after year by Austrian and international top rankings (Legal500, Chambers, JUVE, Advocatus).

Our special fields in Austrian & international labour law

We are not only Austria's largest, but also the leading law firm in all areas of individual and collective employment law. Our special fields in employment law include:

  • Works constitution law,
  • Collective labour law issues,
  • European labour law,
  • Employment Contracts for Executives and Leading employees
  • Long Term Incentive Plans
  • Posting of workers/transnational work
  • Establishment and termination of employment relationships (dismissals),
  • Negotiation and conclusion of company agreements (especially working time models, social plans) and collective agreements,
  • Labour law advice on the change of working conditions,
  • Diversity and equal treatment
  • Employee data protection law, 
  • Labour law aspects of transactions, reorganisations, and restructurings
  • Labour law in companies outsourced from the state administration,
  • Pension funds and
  • Social security,
  • as well as all other employment related issues

Sector-oriented consulting – your company comes first

We have been active in the field of labour law for over 30 years and, in addition to our consultancy work, we naturally also represent our clients before courts (including the European Court of Justice) and authorities when necessary. We support you in negotiations with the trade union or the works council. Our expertise in labour law not only extends beyond Austria’s borders, but also covers a wide range of industries. We advise the medical sector, banks, insurance companies, the industrial, retail, telecommunications, and services sectors, as well as hospitals, theatres, research institutes and universities.

Practical & solution-oriented

In order to achieve the best results for our clients, our legal experts work in a client-oriented manner with the highest level of quality service – so that your company is also advised on the optimal implementation of labour law provisions

Get to know our team of labour law experts here!

‘Immediate responses, excellent consultancy, very successful with court cases.’

‘Very experienced team, well-acknowledged expert, good reputation on the market.’

‘The cooperation with the labor law team differs in the legal nature and the excellent representation in court.’

‘Excellent, solution-oriented expertise, especially in public employment and in relation to unions.’

‘Responsive, clear and easy to work with.’

Legal 500 EMEA, 2022

Excellent legal expertise (excellent balance between legal theory and practice). Open for client’s ideas and input. Willing to go the extra mile. Always delivers on time. Understands their clients’ business.

Legal 500, 2020 - Austria

"A very strong labour law department” and a “well-established” presence in the market.

Chambers Europe 2020 - Austria

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Gleichbehandlung & Diversität
Alle gleich, oder manche gleicher? Gleichbehandlung und Diversität in der Arbeitswelt Talent kennt keine Hautfarbe, Ambition kein Geschlecht, Neugier
Abstract blue purple lines
Umstrukturierung & Reorganisation
Komplexe Anforderungen an VeränderungenUmstrukturierungs- oder Reorganisationsprojekte können vielfältig sein. Sie reichen von der Veränderung von Arb
Arbeitszeit & Recht
CMS Arbeitszeit § Recht
Maßgeschneiderte Arbeitszeitmodelle Schöne, neue, komplizierte ArbeitszeitweltÜber 100 Paragrafen, unterschiedliche Überstunden- und Mehrstundenzuschl
Employee Data Protection & Compliance
Employee data protection is a compliance issueAlthough processing of personal data of and by employees is ubiquitous in the world of employment, only


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