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Companies as well as large corporations and SMEs deal with a complex and highly regulated market environment every day. In addition, contracts with international customers and business partners entail risks and uncertainties that are difficult to assess. While ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and drafting sound contracts is time-consuming and costly, shortcomings in these areas entail significant liability and reputational risks, often leading to litigation.

Our global commercial practice advises companies on all types of business-critical domestic and international commercial issues and provides comprehensive, straightforward and timely legal advice in order to assist you with the implementation of all your business projects at the national and international level. We are committed to solving your problems efficiently allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our commercial law experts have excellent professional knowledge and many years of experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts as well as in commercial litigation. They also have extensive industry knowledge and financial understanding of your business sectors.

Commercial-relevant legal areas and sectors

We offer expertise in the following areas of law:

•    Product liability
•    Consumer protection law
•    E-Commerce law
•    Commercial agency law 
•    Data protection law
•    Warranty claims and claims for damages
•    Commercial law
•    Medical devices law
•    Franchise law
•    Start-up advice

Our commercial lawyers are fully committed to the needs of our clients and the way their businesses work. We advise in the following sectors:

•    Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMC)
•    Production 
•    Real estate and construction industry
•    Domestic and international trade
•    Financial Services
•    Energy
•    Hotel industry
•    Lifesciences
•    Advertising, marketing and promotions
•    E-commerce, online trade
•    Logistics

Commercial law: Keep up to date with the latest developments

Whether it concerns the (re)structuring of your purchasing and sales structure, drafting and/or adaptating your General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTC), or legal disputes both in and out of court in the area of commercial law - our commercial law experts will provide you with comprehensive support and thrive to achieving the best solutions for your business.

In addition, our webinars, newsletters and e-alerts keep you up to date with all legal developments in the area relevant to your business. 

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Distribution & Franchising
Distribution and Franchising
To keep your distribution or franchising system both efficient and sound, somebody has to keep an eye on the legal framework conditions at all times.
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