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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are at the forefront of corporate strategies, due to investor, customer and regulator expectations. The topic has been gaining momentum and is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

ESG is broadening its scope of influence to cover all economic and policy sectors now. From energy, finance and urban planning to tax – these are just a few of the areas that are being impacted.

We advise clients – from multinationals to start ups – in all sectors and areas of ESG-related law, including future mobility, climate change strategies, ESG due diligence and risk assessments, corporate digital responsibility, sustainable supply chains, whistleblowingESG funds and green real estate finance.

At CMS, our approach is integrated and multidisciplinary – this enables us to anticipate and understand the issues in the rapidly evolving ESG landscape which in turn allows us to develop innovative solutions for and with our clients.

With their in-depth expertise in these areas, our teams of lawyers around the world identify risks and threats while seizing opportunities arising from the increasing focus on ESG for our clients.

Our aim is to help our clients successfully meet the demands of climate change, technological disruption, urbanisation and social concerns.

Please contact any of our ESG lawyers to find out how we can help you.

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Expert Guide on ESG in Real Estate
In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate development, investment, and operation, a remarkable surge in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) regulatory activity is reshaping the sector. With these changes come new and vital requirements th


After EU Commission's first decision on Carbon Contracts for Difference,...
The European Commission approved the first Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfD) scheme under the new Guidelines on State aid for climate, environmental protection and energy 2022 (CEEAG).Fol­low­ing the...
Effects of the ESG Transformation on D&I – Is it helping with developing...
This International Women's Day, join us for an online discussion on the effects of the ESG transformation in developing diversity and in­clu­sion.  Or­gan­ized on 8 March 2024, this event is a testament to our ongoing commitment to championing the cause of women across all spheres of professional life.  Our goal is to explore whether the ESG transformation has been a catalyst for developing equality, offering insights into how these global standards are reshaping the dynamics of D&I. Event high­lights:En­gage with an esteemed panel of speakers who are at the forefront of the ESG and D&I do­mains. Ex­am­ine the tangible impacts of ESG initiatives on creating equitable opportunities for all. Discover strategies and best practices for integrating ESG and D&I principles. Enjoy a spotlight on women's advancement.  Featured speakers Luciano Duque-Cordero, Legal Counsel at UniCredit Bank Austria AG and External Lecturer at FH Joanneum, brings a wealth of international legal expertise, with a focus on financial services and corporate law. His diverse experience spans across Austria, China, and various global roles, offering unique insights into the ESG transformation's impact on diversity and inclusion. Fiona Watson, Senior Director in Redefining Value at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a role that leverages her extensive background in corporate law, finance and sustainability. Her work in leading transformative agendas around corporate performance and accountability makes her an authoritative voice on the intersection of ESG initiatives and D&I efforts. Your participation matters! Whether you're a seasoned professional or just embarking on your career journey, your voice adds valuable perspective to our collective exploration of ESG's role in shaping a more equitable world. Join us in shaping a more inclusive future this International Women's Day.
The CBAM – what is it and how will it affect the market?
Regulation (EU) 2023/956 establishing a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) entered into force on 17 May 2023. The implementation of the CBAM has been divided into a transitional period (from 1...
Emerging Europe M&A Report 2023/2024
Despite geopolitical tensions, fears of recession and strong inflationary pressures across the EU, as well as the fiscal tightening needed to contain them, M&A in the CEE region has remained reasonably buoyant. Findings from the CMS Emer­ging Europe M&A 2023/24 report, published in cooperation with EMIS, demonstrate the resilience of the Emerging Europe deals market as activity holds firm against a backdrop of geopolitical tensions and strong inflationary pressures. Welcome to the 2023/24 edition of the Emerging Europe report.
Greenwashing: Stricter EU rules on environmental marketing ban misleading...
On 17 January 2024, the European Parliament voted to adopt the Directive on Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition (the ECGT Directive), which seeks to protect consumers from various misleading...
CBAM: Just over a week to comply
As the deadline for the first Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) report approaches on January 31st, it is crucial for undertakings engaged in importing relevant goods into the European Union to...
COP28: Global Health Under the Spotlight
Health took centre stage at the first ever ‘Health Day’ at COP28 on 3 December. The program focused the attention of world leaders on the profound public health-related issues stemming from climate...
CMS | Empowering COP28 with comprehensive legal support
Press release - 27.11.2023Em­power­ing COP28 with comprehensive legal supportCMS will deliver broad-ranging legal pro bono support for COP28, which will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates from 30 November to 12 December 2023. The support includes sustainable finance, data privacy and security, trademark registration, brand protection, reputation management, event-related advice, UN-related partnerships, in­ter­gov­ern­ment­al cooperation, technology platforms for start-ups, and relevant agreements with global tech companies. The initiative is led by Dr. Döne Yalçın, partner and key member of the global CMS Sustainability and ESG leadership team. She is supported by Munir Hassan, partner and head of the CMS Energy & Climate Change Group, and more than 160 CMS colleagues from around the world. The project is strengthened by collaboration with stakeholders across the firm to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the firm and reaffirms its commitment to climate action. As demonstrated by its engagement with the UN Global Compact, CMS actively contributes to the world's largest corporate social responsibility initiative. This commitment covers four key areas: the environment, human rights, labour and anti-corruption. CMS prioritises climate action, as evidenced by ambitious carbon reduction targets, and firmly believes that a successful transition to a more sustainable future requires thoughtful regulation that recognises its integral role in driving meaningful change. The Paris Agreement aims to reduce global emissions by 50% by 2030. As we approach the six-year mark, the gathering of government representatives, policymakers, NGOs, citizens, and businesses at COP28 will be crucial for assessing progress and developing plans to achieve this goal. Immediate and collaborative efforts across both the public and private sectors are essential to the success of these efforts. By empowering governments and businesses to live up to their responsibilities and by strengthening their capacity to deliver impactful change at scale, CMS is committed to building a better working world - one that is future-facing, sustainable, and inclusive. Dr. Döne Yalçın, managing partner, International Co-head of ESG and Sustainability, “It is a privilege and an honour for us to have been selected as a provider of legal services for COP28. This appointment is a testament to our commitment to embed sustainability in our DNA. We are excited to support an event that has the potential to create positive global change in addressing the climate crisis. Our approach aligns seamlessly with 'Unite, Act, Deliver' and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to advancing global sustainability efforts.”Learn more about COP28 UAE - United Nations Climate Change Conference
Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism transition in effect since 1 October...
On 1 October 2023, a two-year transitional period began for implementation of Regulation (EU) 2023/956, which introduces the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). CBAM levies punitive CO2 charges...
Advertising with Green Claims and Sustainability Labels
CMS and Sustainability&
ESG as the new imperative in real estate
Environmental, social, and ethical criteria will define the future of Austria’s real estate sector
Expert Guide on ESG in Real Estate in Austria
De­veloper­In­vestorOwn­er De­veloper/Con­struct­or 1. What are the currently applicable emission reduction goals and relevant  provisions for green real estate developments? Buildings produced 8.1M tons...