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Are you prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Booking business trips online, outsourcing payroll accounting to external service providers, ordering goods in a supplier’s online shop or providing employees with company laptops and mobile phones: an increasing number of business processes is conducted online, not least because it makes everyday business cheaper and more convenient. However, only few companies are aware of the fact that such processing procedures require data protection management.

It is our aim to provide you and your company with an approach to data protection management that is tailored to your needs along with the necessary know-how as implementing data protection management compliant to the GDPR is of critical importance for every company – from start-ups to large multinationals. Violations of the GDPR may be punished with substantial fines. In Austria, those fines may not only be imposed on the company itself but also on the management and other data controllers.

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100% se­cur­ity does not ex­ist. Now more than ever or­gan­isa­tions of all shapes and sizes should pay at­ten­tion to their data pri­vacy and cy­ber se­cur­ity. Un­pre­ced­en­ted num­bers are now work­ing from home, thus rais­ing ex­pos­ure to cy­ber se­cur­ity prob­lems an
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