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Law firm for Life Sciences & Healthcare in Austria 

The legal issues in health care law—such as those arising from e-health solutions, personalised medicine or cost-cutting restructuring—are increasing in complexity and require the coordination of a variety of specialist areas. Our experts have diverse professional backgrounds and combine specialist know-how with many years of experience in the industry. For example, we assist hospitals, outpatient clinics and group practices to draft contracts for healthcare professionals, also  for operational management of hospitals ("kollegiale Führung"). In addition, we have gained in-depth knowledge about the applicable regulatory requirements from advising pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies, hospitals and pharmacies, as well as universities and interest groups

We are available to advise you on numerous issues, including:

•    Drafting strategic agreements,
•    Planning a corporate transaction,
•    Employment of healthcare professionals,
•    Implementing compliance requirements, and
•    Enforcement and defence of claims in court.

A strong international network in the Life Sciences & Healthcare field:

The CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector Group consists of a team of over 480 lawyers, patent attorneys, scientists and academics from all over the world. Our clients include the 20 leading global pharmaceutical companies and the 10 leading global medical device companies. Many of our experts worked in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector before joining CMS and have extensive knowledge of the industry.

Our legal advice in the healthcare sector

We advise our clients in the following specific areas:

•    Pharmaceutical law
•    Medical device law
•    Hospital and pharmacy law
•    Medical professional law
•    Preclinical and clinical studies

•    Reimbursement / market access
•    Licensing, research and development collaborations
•    Advertising and marketing
•    Antitrust and distribution law
•    Anti-corruption criminal law and compliance
•    Data protection
•    Patent, trademark, design and copyright law, protection certificates
•    Customs procedures, product piracy and parallel imports
•    Product liability law
•    Dispute resolution
•    Corporate law, M&A and financing
•    Tax law
•    Labour Law
•    Social security law
•    Contract partner law
•    Public procurement law
•    Plant protection
•    Narcotics law
•    Food Law

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Calling the team "pragmatic and hands-on," a client extols its broad expertise and commercial understanding: "What I like about working with CMS is the fact that they can cover a wide range of legal topics when there are overlaps with other areas."

Chambers Europe 2022

Another client emphasises the law firm's client service: "I would particularly like to emphasise that the CMS team is always available for all of my concerns. I was not used to the fast response times and great commitment from my previous legal advisers and I do not want to do without CMS from now on. Based on my experience so far, I am convinced that the team will also support me in future to my absolute satisfaction."

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