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Corporate Social Responsibility

Working together towards a better world

Graine de vie

Graine de vie (Seed for Life) offsets the ecological footprint of inhabitants of industrialized countries by planting trees in developing countries. Over the past two centuries, marked by the Industrial Revolution, man has contributed to the deterioration of his magnificent but fragile habitat, Earth. This has had a sometimes irreversible impact on millions of years of evolution.

Repair what can be repaired: that is the mission of Graine de vie. In pursuit of this goal, Graine de vie plants hundreds of hectares of trees each year. We have reached an alarming stage: biodiversity is rapidly decreasing and each year 12 million hectares of forest – an area four times the size of Belgium – is destroyed.

Graine de vie starts each project by creating a tree nursery and training local forest managers to monitor the sites. Local campaigns help raise awareness among the population about the importance of environmental protection. The project is run entirely with the help of Graine de vie volunteers. All the funds are invested directly in trees and, as a result, in a sustainable future.

CMS wants to be CO2 neutral. Therefore, CMS helps Graine de vie plant enough new trees to offset the CO2 emissions emanating from our business travel and from energy consumption in our offices.

For more information about the Graine de vie approach, visit www.grainedevie.org

Fondation contre le Cancer

Fondation contre le Cancer (Foundation against Cancer) helps researchers increase the survival rates of cancer patients. It does this not just through further scientific research but also through personal counselling of patients and their families, by providing clear and reliable information, accompanied by social activities to improve patients’ quality of life.

Fondation contre le Cancer also encourages everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It regularly stresses the importance of prevention and screening. A better public health policy can help the public and government reduce the number of lives lost to cancer. Therefore, the foundation encourages everyone to fight the disease through personal involvement and smart choices.

CMS supports the foundation through financial support and pro bono legal services.

For more information about the Fondation contre le Cancer approach, visit www.cancer.be